ARGUS North American Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid

The Argus North American Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid service is your trusted, reliable source for weekly market intelligence of sulphur and sulphuric acid and related markets.

Published weekly on Thursdays, the service provides intelligent and transparent market and pricing analysis of the North American sulphur and sulphuric acid markets, as well as insight on related markets including crude, natural gas, phosphate fertilizer, copper and ethanol. The trusted source provides key price assessments for the domestic North American market and international export pricing for sulphur, and import pricing for sulphuric acid.

Markets covered

  • Sulphur
  • Sulphuric acid

Key features

  • Regional sulphur and sulphuric acid quarterly contract pricing (eight sulphur assessments and four for sulphuric acid)
  • International insight with North American export pricing
  • Weekly top stories and price trends for related international markets
  • Related prices for spot freight, phosphates and copper
  • Weekly news sections for copper, ethanol and phosphates
  • Coverage of crude and natural gas markets

Customers that benefit

The Argus North American Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid service allows you to make sense of the industry using pricing information and market analysis. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:

  • Fertilizer market participants depend on North American sulphur and sulphuric acid market reports and pricing analysis, as sulphuric acid is widely used in the production of phosphate fertilizers. Phosphate-producing companies either buy sulphur and produce sulphuric acid, or simply buy sulphuric acid. Companies also require sulphuric acid to make ammonium sulphate.
  • Refineries rely on market reports and pricing analysis because sulphur is a by-product of crude oil refining, and the report is used for market intelligence when refiners sell their sulphur. Sulphuric acid is used to wash out impurities in gasoline and other refinery products in petroleum refining.
  • Sulphuric acid producers are interested in the report as it allows them to track the feedstock sulphur market and the sulphuric acid market.
  • Traders of sulphur and sulphuric acid use the report for market intelligence, allowing them to keep an eye on fluctuations in the market.
  • Metal producers need to move sulphuric acid that is produced as a by-product of smelting, enabling them to efficiently continue production of their core products. Sulphuric acid is also consumed in the copper leaching process, which leads to demand from the sector.
  • Ethanol producers and industrial manufacturers that use sulphuric acid as a key raw material for biofuels, pulp and paper production, pigments, rubbers, specialty chemicals and other industrial uses rely on Argus to provide clarity on the markets.

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