Wire and Cable Data Service

The Wire and Cable Data Service is the most comprehensive business intelligence tool available today for tracking supply and demand across insulated wire and cable markets.

The service helps your business answer questions such as:

  • Which countries offer the strongest future market potential?
  • Which market will be exporting/importing more in the future?
  • Which markets should you invest in?
  • How are particular markets performing now, and how will their performance develop?
  • Which markets will you be able to maintain and/or grow sales in by geography and product group?
  • Which markets are more likely to see more competition?

Cable types covered

  • Low-voltage energy <1kV
  • Power cable >1kV
  • Coaxial cable/electronic wire
  • Fibre optic cable
  • Signal and control cable
  • Telecom and data cables
  • Enamelled/magnet wire

Key regions covered 

  • Europe and CIS
  • Americas
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Middle East and Africa

Our methodology 

The Wire and Cable Data Service has a rigorous methodology built by Integer Research, an Argus Media Company, and looks at a number of data sources to gather the information found within the service. Below is an overview of the methodology.

For 1-2 year forecasts, we use short-term indicators, which show historical correlations between wire and cable demand and production, such as:

  • Purchasing managers indexes (PMIs)
  • Industrial production (IP) indexes
  • Industry confidence indexes, such as NEMA’s EBCI survey
  • End-use sector indicators, such as construction output

Medium-term forecasts:

  • Wire and cable activity is closely correlated to economic activity — as a country’s wealth and industrial activity rises, so too does the demand for energy and data.
  • Integer’s forecasts are market led, driven by macroeconomic indicators, such as GDP, industrial production, fixed investment and electricity demand.
  • Integer chooses a weighted forecast index of macroeconomic indicators that reflects the main demand drivers of each product group.
  • Production forecasts are based on known expansions, and links to expected changes in demand and trade.

Commodity forecasts:

  • In order to forecast the future value of the wire and cable market, we take into account the future cost of wire and cable.
  • Integer’s value forecasts include a link to forecast copper and aluminium prices, utilising a consensus forecast for future metal prices.

Integer, an Argus Media company

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