Hydrogen value chain

Hydrogen value chain

Hydrogen has entered the energy transition discussion as a central tool for decarbonisation. Existing producers are seeking to reduce carbon emissions from their manufacturing processes, while eyeing possible exponential growth of low, zero and negative carbon emission volumes.

Future production routes range from methane reformation with carbon capture to pyrolysis, waste gasification and electrolysis, powered by renewable energy or fossil fuels. Combinations of processes and energy being used to produce hydrogen presents existing users of industrial heat and key chemicals a challenging landscape to navigate.

The Argus Hydrogen and Future Fuels service has been designed to provide industrial power, chemicals and energy users with crucial information to help them make well informed decisions. It covers the upstream for projects, midstream for transportation and storage, and downstream for ammonia and methanol. It also covers the latest technological developments and policy news on hydrogen from across the globe.

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Argus' market intelligence services are widely respected and sought out, covering a wide range of commodities and key sectors. We have a proven track record of supporting clients in the move into energy transition, empowering them to evaluate the long-term prospects of green hydrogen-based applications.

  • ARGUS Hydrogen and Future Fuels

    Argus Hydrogen and Future Fuels service delivers news generated by market teams covering oil and gas, utilities, solid fuels, fertilizers, metals and marine fuels.
  • ARGUS Green Ammonia Strategy Report

    This essential strategy report is focused on the embryonic but potentially huge market for ammonia as a low or zero-carbon energy carrier.
  • ARGUS Marine Fuels

    This service is the most comprehensive source of daily marine fuel prices and spot deals, covering the world’s most important bunker locations.
Navegando na transição energética

Navegando na transição energética

A transição energética oferece desafios e grandes oportunidades. Longe de afetar apenas o setor de energia, todas as grandes indústrias estão procurando transformar a forma como produzem, armazenam, transportam e consomem energia. A necessidade de informações confiáveis sobre combustíveis, calor industrial, energia e matérias-primas químicas nunca foi tão grande.

Argus Consulting

Realise untapped potential with our tailored research projects. Argus Consulting has a proven track record of delivering best-in-class, fully bespoke solutions, including market-specific research and analysis. We have worked closely with a wide range of organisations as the energy industry takes steps to overcome challenges and capitalise on opportunities thrown up by the global transition and the move towards greater use of renewable power.

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