November 2021
Virtual conference

Argus Biofuels Live - Virtual Conference

One global event across three regions

The Argus Biofuels Live - Virtual Conference returns to bring together the regional focuses of each of our North American, European and Asian events, to provide you with insight into the overall state of the global biofuels industry.

Structured networking functions will provide ease in bringing together attendees from across the world for private 1:1 and group meetings. Unique and innovative, digital sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities will help to elevate your brand and provide a great opportunity to strengthen and create new, enduring industry-wide relationships.  

Join companies such as: Petroineos, CF Partners, EcoEngineers, REGI, XOS, Shell, BP, Tesla, Poet, Neste, Chevron, Alvari S.A, Alcotra Asia, Generate Capital, North European Oil Trade Oy, HollyFrontier California Air Resources Board, Campa Iberia, Circle K Norge, Eneos, Ginga Petroleum, Mitsui & Co, Münzer Bioindustrie, Phillips 66, Poet and many more. View the latest sample attendee list here.




2020 Previous attendee list

Request your copy of the sample delegate list to see attended the Argus Biofuels Live - Virtual Conference 2020.

Previous speakers: Asia Pacific markets

Cedric Bourdon
Trading Manager, Alcotra
Henri-Jean Bardon
Senior Biofuels Trader, Alvari Group
Shutong Liu
Founder, Motion Eco
Jonathon Wong
Head of Gasoline, Sinopec Hong Kong (Singapore)
Togar Sitanggang
Vice Chairman III, Indonesian Palm Oil Association (GAPKI)

Previous speakers: European markets

Rachel Solomon Williams
Head, Low Carbon Fuels, Department for Transport UK
Raymond Richie
Vice President and Managing Director of International Business, Renewable Energy Group
Andreas Bodenmuller
Head of Trade, Verbio
Спикеры конференции
Robert Boyd
Assistant Director Aviation Environment, IATA
Jonathan Wood
Vice-President ,Europe-Asia-Pacific, Renewable Aviation, Neste

Previous speakers: North American markets

Dan Sperling
Board Member, California Air Resources Board & Founding Director of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Davis.
Senator Reuven Carlyle
Chair, Senate Environment, Energy and Technology Committee
Jeremy Baines
President, Neste US
Justin Goldstein
Vice President, Investment Banking Division, Goldman Sachs
Daniel Lieberman
Senior Climate Advisor, Corporate Affairs, Chevron USA

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