08 июня - 09 июня 2021
Virtual event

Argus Global Gasoline Live - Virtual Conference

Central Daylight Time (CDT) agenda

A video recording of all conference sessions will be available on demand so you can watch what you have missed at a convenient time.
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  • Opening panel: Latest developments in European gasoline markets - Argus and Keplr
  • Overview of current market dynamics and recent developments
  • Trade flows within Europe and key export markets
  • Supply and demand dynamics of oxy- and premium non-oxy gasoline
  • Post-Covid recovery and demand impact

Moderated by Josefine Ahlstrom, VP, Business Development, Argus

Speakers include:
Kevin Wright, Lead Analyst, Keplr
George King Cassell, Associate Editor, Products, Argus
Francis Osbourne, Head of Forecasting, Argus

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  • 07:00 CDT
  • Europe roundtable – How can European refineries compete with emerging suppliers for traditional and new export markets? Gergely Tóth - Senior Oil Industry Expert , MOL
Join this interactive round table discussion to engage with your fellow attendees and discuss the latest market developments.
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  • 08:15 CDT
  • Market dynamics for blending components and implications for the gasoline blending pool - Garant Services Trading, Sustainable Fuels and Bureau Veritas
  • What are the main gasoline blending components and how will demand for each shift in the coming years?
  • How will changes in gasoline demand impact on naphtha and petrochemical markets?
  • How will EPA rule changes increase the demand for reformates and naphtha?
  • Demand for blending with Ethanol, ETBE, MTBE to meet renewable fuels mandates
  • What are the implications for the petrochemicals market?

Moderated by Elliot Radley, Editor, European Products, Argus

Speakers include:
Karel Obalil, Managing Partner, Garant Services Trading
Robin Berghmans, Lab Coordinator, Bureau Veritas  
Walter Mirabella, Chair of the Global Fuels Team, Sustainable Fuels

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  • 09:30 CDT
  • Keynote panel: Assessing the global landscape for gasoline trade - Argus, Motiva, Gunvor and IEA
  • Examining global gasoline trade flows and new and evolving routes
  • Shifting demand dynamics in a post-Covid environment
  • Refining capacity, economics and adapting for survival
  • How are traditional suppliers competing with new exporters?
  • Assessing the different regional impacts and responses
  • How can regions stay competitive? Can they adapt and evolve?

Moderated by: David Fyfe, Chief Economist, Argus

Speakers include:
Rick Marriner, Vice President & Director of Trading, Oil Products & Petrochemicals, Motiva
Christophe Barret, Senior Oil Analyst, International Energy Agency
Frederic Lasserre, Group Head of Research and Analysis, Gunvor

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  • 10:15 CDT
  • Gasoline demand outlook - Recover or evolve? Neil Watt - Head of Analytics, BB Energy
  • Evolution of behavioural and market dynamics
  • Potential for long term post-Covid structural changes to demand
  • Regulatory factors interacting with future demand dynamics
  • Challenges from alternative fuels
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  • 11:15 CDT
  • Round table discussion: A deep dive into the US regulatory requirements and implications for market participants Lucian Pugliaresi - President, EPRINC
Join this interactive round table discussion to engage with your fellow attendees and discuss the latest market developments.
  • 11:15 CDT
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  • 12:15 CDT
  • US roundtable - To what extent has Covid-19 been an amplifier of existing pressures and accelerator of trends for the gasoline market? Clay Seigel - Managing Director, Americas, Vortexa
Join this interactive round table discussion to engage with your fellow attendees and discuss the latest market developments.
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  • 04:00 CDT
  • Asia focus: Current gasoline trends, refining dynamics and future demand - Sinopec Hong Kong, Rongsheng International and Asian Clean Fuels Association
  • An overview of regional gasoline trade flows and the key demand centres
  • Assessing current refining capacity and the potential of “super refineries” to adapt to the challenges of changing demand
  • Which regional or international markets can absorb excess supply from China?
  • How is Asia gearing up towards a broader energy transition to more environmental fuels and electric vehicles?

Moderated by: Sunita Sharma, VP Products, Asia, Argus

Panellists include:
Jonathon Wong, Head of Gasoline, Sinopec Hong Kong
Clarence Woo, Executive Director, Asian Clean Fuels Association
Jonathan J. Xu, Assistant General Manager, Rongsheng International


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  • 06:30 CDT
  • The importance of the African gasoline market: Demand drivers and local production trends - African Refiners & Distributors Association (ARDA) and Chase Petroleum Ghana
  • Spec changes and trade opportunities in West Africa
  • Is the region’s demand growth sufficient to absorb global excess supply?
  • Refining capacity developments and future expansion plans
  • Assessing the demand for transportation fuels in Nigeria
  • New capacity coming online and policy reforms

Moderated by: James Gooder, VP, Crude, Argus

Panellists include

Anibor Kragha, Executive Secretary, African Refiners & Distributors Association (ARDA)
Emmanuel Kotei, Head of Operations, Chase Petroleum Ghana

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  • 08:30 CDT
  • Europe’s energy transition: The increasing importance of blending biocomponents, including alternatives to ethanol - ePURE, Shell Global Solutions and Essar Oil
  • What are the implications of European legislation for different market players?
  • Blending biocomponents with gasoline – characteristics, advantages and demand for certain blends
  • Other than ethanol, what biocomponents will have the biggest impact in the gasoline blending pool?
  • A refiner's perspective on the challenges and opportunities of blending with biocomponents


Speakers include:

Dr. Andreas Kolbeck, Technology Expert, Shell Global Solutions
Deian Lloyd-Hughes, Product Trader, Essar Oil
Maxime Vion--Saint-Supéry, Technical & Regulatory Affairs Manager, ePURE

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  • 09:45 CDT
  • Understanding the rise of alternative fuels and the future role of gasoline in the fuel mix - LyondellBasell, ZE PowerGroup, Future Fuels Strategies and Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy
  • What global mandates and new regulations do we see coming into force in the next two years?
  • Will consumption of transportation fuels ever return to pre-Covid levels?
  • Exploring the likely impact of environmental legislation on the gasoline industry
  • To what extent will alternative fuels displace gasoline in the coming years?

Moderated by Stephen Jones, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Oil Products, Argus

Speakers include:
Ronald van Klaveren, Global Business Director for TBA and Styrene Monomer, LyondellBasell
Aiman El-Ramly, Chief Business Officer, ZE PowerGroup Inc. 
Tammy Klein, Principal, Future Fuels Strategies

Marianne Kah, Advisory Board Member and Senior Research Scholar, Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy



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  • 11:00 CDT
  • US gasoline market: Shifting trade flows and the impact of spec changes and environmental pressures - Vortexa, Refinitiv and CME
  • Assessing US trade flows, pricing and trends for gasoline trading
  • The impact of Covid, harsh weather and demand shifts on the Atlantic basin refining sector
  • Intensifying competition as North America exports continue to challenge traditional suppliers
  • Developments in aromatics testing requirements and price implications
  • The importance of demand from export markets, particularly Latin America to US suppliers

Speakers include:
Pamela Munger, Senior Market Analyst, Vortexa
Elizabeth Hui, Director, Research and Product Development, CME
Aishwarya Gogoi, Senior Refined Products Analyst, Refinitiv

  • 11:15 CDT
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  • 12:15 CDT
  • Compliance with US regulations and environmental credit systems and implications for the market - Energy Information Administration (EIA) and EPRINC
  • How will regulations such as U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard affect gasoline demand?
  • Will environmental policies affecting fuel markets expand under the Biden administration?
  • An overview of the US environmental credit systems including benzene and sulphur
  • Assessing developments in national fuel and vehicle restrictions
  • How will changes in US fuel specifications impact on the movement of reformulated fuels?

Speakers include:
Sean Hill, Industry Economist, Energy Information Administration (EIA)
Max Pyziur, Director - Downstream, Transportation Fuels, & Natural Gas Projects, EPRINC

  • 13:15 CDT
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  • 14:15 CDT
  • Brazil focus: Do all roads lead to Latin America? - Ministry of Mines and Energy and Raízen
  • Will US gulf coast exports continue to dominate the Latin American market?
  • Who else might emerge as suppliers to this market?
  • How will demand recover post-COVID in the region?
  • Evolving transportation fuel demand in Brazil – growth in alternative fuels
  • How does COVID-19 affect a new landscape for the refinery sector?

Moderated by: Clayton Melo, Brazil Country Manager, Argus

Speakers include:
Pietro Mendes, Biofuels Director, Ministry of Mines and Energy, Brazil
Leonardo Ferreira, Head Trader, Oil Products, Raízen
Raphael Castelo Branco, Clean Products Trading Manager, International Markets, Petrobras S.A.

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  • 15:30 CDT
  • Gasoline market developments in Mexico and implications for regional trade - Gonzalez Calvillo, B&F Actuarios, Former Ministry of Energy, Mexico
  • What possible scenarios can the industry expect from Mexico’s upcoming midterm elections?

  • If Morena is unsuccessful at winning a majority, what other avenues does AMLO have to undo the 2014 Energy reform?

  • What can US gasoline exporters expect from policy developments on pricing, import permits, and further restrictions?

  • What does decarbonization and energy transition look like for Mexico? Will this market begin to see gasoline displacement for biofuels or electric vehicles in the near future?

Moderated by Joshua Vence, Business Development Manager, Latin America, Argus

Speakers include:
Diana Pineda, Partner, Gonzalez Calvillo
Margarita Perez, Energy Consultant, B&F Actuarios SC
Rosanety Barrios, Independent Analyst and former Head of the Industrial Transformation Policies Unit, Ministry of Energy, Mexico

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  • 16.00 CDT
  • Capstone Conversations - Argus

Join this live closing session as the moderators reflect on the day’s proceedings and share their key takeaways from the overall event.

Stephen Jones, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Oil Products, Argus
Josefine Ahlström, Vice-President, Business Development, Argus