May 2020

Argus Southern Cone Power & Gas Conference

The future of power, natural gas and LNG.

Our thanks to all 2019 sponsors, speakers and participants. Stay tuned for more details about the 2020 event.


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2019 topics included:

  • Power

    The shifting landscape of power generation, government energy policies, incentives and power tariffs and renegotiation of regional power trading.
  • Natural gas

    The effect of renewables on natural gas demand, prominent gas projects, planned infrastructure improvements and the changes in regional gas trading.
  • LNG

    The future of LNG in the region, Argentina's shift towards export and planned liquification terminals and how renewables will affect LNG demand.

2019 speakers included:

Carlos Dornellas
Executive Manager of Monitoring, Management of Penalties and Information, CCEE
José Fernando Freitas
Head of the Coordination of Land Areas, ANP (National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels)
Giovani Machado
Head - Natural Gas and Biofuels Department, EPE (Energy Research Office)
Takayuki Enji
Managing Director, Natural Gas Department, Mitsubishi Corporation do Brasil
Akira Miyamoto
Executive Researcher, Energy Resources and International Business Unit, Osaka Gas
Álvaro Tupiassú
General Manager Planning & Marketing – Gas & Energy, Petrobras
Gabriela Timerman
LNG Terminals Development Manager, Golar Power
Marcelo Alfradique
Deputy Superintendent of Natural Gas and Biofuels, EPE (Energy Research Office)
Sergio Antonio Guzmán Rios
Director of Exploration, Drilling and Reservoirs, Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos
Matthew Monteverde
Vice President - Commodity Markets, Argus

Attendees included: 

  • Power utilities companies
  • Gas buyers
  • Natural gas development companies
  • Multi national oil and gas companies
  • National oil and gas companies
  • LNG importers, exporters and traders
  • Government representatives