Metals: ARGUS lithium price assessments

Metals: ARGUS lithium price assessments

The ARGUS lithium price assessments

Interest in lithium prices continues to grow as a result of the electric vehicle revolution driving demand for lithium-ion batteries. In response to this increased need for accurate and timely spot price data and analysis, Argus launched two new lithium assessments in 2018:

  • Lithium hydroxide, 56.5%, battery grade, fob China
  • Lithium carbonate, 99.5%, battery grade, cif China
  Lithium hydroxide 56.5% fob China Lithium carbonate 99.5% cif China
Grade lithium hydroxide monohydrate 56.5% minimum lithium carbonate 99.5% minimum
Basis fob cif
Location China China
Duties/tariffs export duty paid export duty paid
Minimum lot size 1t 1t
Form powder, packaged in barrel/bag powder, packaged in barrel/bag
Unit $/kg $/kg
Timing prompt prompt
Assessment frequency weekly (Tuesday) weekly (Tuesday)

Argus lithium price assessments appear in our flagship daily metals report Argus Metals International, which includes detailed market commentary and market-relevant news and analysis. Argus publishes US minor metals prices weekly on Tuesdays, with Europe, India and China prices published biweekly, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Advantages of the ARGUS lithium price assessments

The emergence of electrification in the road transport sector, along with a sharp rise in the number of potential buyers in the lithium market, has increased demand for greater price transparency. This is true especially from automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), battery cell manufacturers and other end users.

Argus is the only price reporting agency that reports a distinct seaborne China price for lithium, having established that China is the most, if only, liquid spot market. Argus also has a strong on-the-ground presence in Asia-Pacific, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo. Our team of reporters in the UK (London) and the Americas (Houston and New York) provide further support for assessing international lithium prices. Argus lithium price assessments are not governed by a generic price assessment methodology, but rather tailored for specific market conditions through direct industry consultation.

Users of the ARGUS lithium price assessments

Raw lithium producers and buyers, and large-scale industrial buyers, particularly automotive OEMs, are the primary users of Argus lithium pricing assessments. Rapidly growing lithium demand is forcing shifts in the market that are supporting the need for a reliable industry benchmark. Our data are used by companies and governments around the world to index physical trade, and as benchmarks in financial markets. With such extensive experience in energy markets, and largely illiquid markets, Argus is uniquely positioned to provide the effective framework for establishing prices for lithium and other future energy materials.

Lithium supply chain

Lithium flowchart


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