Potash prices, forecasts and analysis

Potash prices, forecasts and analysis

The potash market has been disrupted from its typically slow-moving price cycles, affected by new entrants, new mines, Covid-19 and growing political tensions in countries that either produce or consume some of the largest quantities of potash in the world. The need for accurate insight and data is more acute than ever.

The Argus potash coverage includes all major price assessments for MOP and SOP, and key insights for market participants, as well as the latest market-moving news, in-depth analysis, supply and demand dynamics, price forecasts and forward curve data. Argus possesses the staffing levels, relationships, information and expertise to provide precise price points, detailed analysis and prompt news coverage on unrivalled levels. Our suite of services covers the full range of price reporting, short-term outlooks, mid to long-term outlooks and bespoke consulting solutions.

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  • ARGUS Potash

    Weekly potash price assessments, trade trends, market commentary and key current data
  • ARGUS Quarterly Potash Outlook

    Quarterly short-term potash market outlooks delivering forecasts for prices and trade balances
  • ARGUS Potash Analytics

    Industry-leading analysis of the medium-to-long term potash market outlook, price forecasts, cost and supply curves – and fundamental data

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    Access valuable, visual data on production capacities, trade flows and more for selected regions and countries.
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