LNG: ARGUS European inland LNG prices

LNG: ARGUS European inland LNG prices

ARGUS inland prices for European and German LNG

Argus publishes prices for LNG for use in transport and other small-scale applications at four key German locations. Our prices bring transparency for both buyers and sellers operating in this market.

ARGUS price assessments for the small-scale inland LNG market

Price details

This series of assessments provides price transparency from terminal truck loadings to inland small-scale and road fuels markets:

  • Small-scale LNG inland delivered prices for Germany
  • Small-scale free on truck (fot) assessment for northwest Europe
  • European trucked LNG inland delivery rate

Small-scale LNG inland delivered prices (Germany)

Inland delivered small-scale LNG prices combine Argus’ at-terminal free on truck assessments with assessed inland delivery rates to produce delivered benchmarks for four German inland regions — north, south, east and west.

Small-scale free on truck assessment

The small-scale free on truck assessment is a weekly price for truck loadings at major large-scale LNG terminals in northwest Europe. The assessment is for front-month delivery in line with the Dutch TTF market, which provides continental Europe’s wholesale gas price benchmark.

European trucked LNG inland delivery rate

Argus assesses the trucked inland delivered rate from the Zeebrugge and Gate terminals to destinations in Germany on a round voyage (RV) basis. Argus assesses this opaque market on a monthly basis in €/km.

How to access ARGUS European inland LNG price assessments

This series of assessments complements Argus’ global LNG and German road fuels coverage and are published weekly in the Argus LNG Daily and Argus O.M.R. Fuels services.

Argus’ global LNG coverage includes free on board and delivered prices for the industry’s large-scale supply and demand centres.

You can access these and other price assessments on the Argus Direct interactive platform, have them delivered through a data feed or Argus Direct for Spreadsheets, receive them through one of our third-party partners, or have them sent direct to your inbox within the daily reports.

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