Oil products: Argus non-oxy “E10” cargo gasoline NW Europe cif assessment

Oil products: Argus non-oxy “E10” cargo gasoline NW Europe cif assessment

The ARGUS non-oxy “E10” cargo gasoline price assessment

The Argus non-oxy “E10” cargo gasoline NWE cif price assessment better reflects for refiners, traders and buyers the actual physical grade of non-oxy gasoline, the type of gasoline needed increasingly as Europe moves to higher bio-ethanol blends of 10 pc.

Advantages for the The ARGUS non-oxy “E10” cargo gasoline price assessment

Links the UK and northwest European cargo markets to the price setting and very liquid ARA gasoline hub

Argus assess the NWE and the UK market as a differential to the Amsterdam – Rotterdam – Anterwerp (ARA) gasoline barge market and more precisely to the Argus non oxy barge pricing. ARA is the main hub for gasoline in Europe and Argus non oxy barge pricing is underpinned by significant liquidity. In 2020 a record 1.05 mnt of non-oxy spot trades and an average 44 barge trades per month formed the basis of the Argus non oxy barge benchmark – in other words a very liquid base which set the benchmark price levels for non oxy gasoline in Europe.

Complete portfolio of pricing - the industry has all it needs to price gasoline from refinery to pump

Argus offers a suite of gasoline prices that reflects the European gasoline market in its totality. With the non-oxy cargo assessment, Argus’ coverage mirrors how the European market develops in its entirety. 

This complements Argus’ existing ARA benchmark coverage of Eurobob and the Mediterranean market. In addition, Argus covers all global gasoline markets, from Asia to the Americas. 

Transparent and easy to follow non oxy pricing developments morning to evening via Argus Bulletin Board

The cargo differential to ARA non oxy barge prices is derived at in a very transparent manner and is explained daily in the Argus European Products market commentary.
The volume weighted average price of barge trades done is clearly displayed on Argus bulletin board on Argus Direct as the trades gets published when the barge market starts in the morning at 9 am and ends at 5:30 pm London time.


Users of the ARGUS non-oxy “E10” cargo gasoline price assessment

Refiners and downstream gasoline buyers:

  • Argus is the benchmark for ARA, the gasoline hub in Europe and Argus’ non-oxy cargo price better reflects the market as it trades. Assessed as a differential to the ARA gasoline barge market and underpinned with very significant liquidity.
  • Provides a price out/sell price with an explicit margin for refiners’ gasoline vs. the key European Argus gasoline benchmarks
  • Clearer line of sight for the refiners’ derivative gasoline exposure
  • Transparent and easy to follow price developments throughout the day
  • Predictability with instant reporting on the Argus bulletin board, you can stay on top of how the barge price is trading and how it determines the non oxy cargo value
  • Helps reduces the time lag exposure from wholesale to pump pricing
Eurobob oxy gasoline


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