Petroleum coke: Argus fob USGC high-sulphur coke index

Petroleum coke: Argus fob USGC high-sulphur coke index

The ARGUS fob USGC high-sulphur coke index

The Argus fob US Gulf 6.5pc sulphur 40 HGI petroleum coke index is the benchmark price reference for coke originating in the US Gulf and midcontinent and shipping to the seaborne market. It covers cargoes negotiated on a fob US Gulf basis over the previous week for loading within the next 90 days from the publication date. It is published every Wednesday in the US.

It is also known as the Argus fob USGC 6.5pc sulphur coke index.

Advantages of the ARGUS fob USGC high-sulphur coke index

This comprehensive price assessment is based on a survey of the majority of participants active on the spot market, including a mix of producers, marketers and traders, cement makers, electricity generators, heavy industry end users and other market participants. 

Price reporters apply a rigorous methodology that gives a high weight to deals done and firm bids and offers, but also takes into account other market information such as cargo size, loading location, timing, spread values between grades, and movement in other related commodities to ensure a truly market-reflective price assessment.

The assessment’s weekly frequency ensures users are up to date with the latest price movements. A four-week rolling average of these weekly assessments is calculated and included as an additional reference point. Calendar month indexes are also available on the final Wednesday of the month, calculated as an average of weekly assessments published during the assessed calendar month.

Users of the ARGUS fob USGC high-sulphur coke index

The Argus fob USGC 6.5pc sulphur coke index is a trusted market benchmark used by major suppliers, traders and end users largely in the US Gulf, Latin America, Europe and Mediterranean regions. 

The price is followed as a key reference for the global market.

How to access this price

The Argus fob US Gulf 6.5pc sulphur coke index is published as part of our specialist subscription service, Energy Argus Petroleum Coke

Subscribers can access this price on our interactive platform Argus Direct, have it fed directly into their systems through API and FTP datafeeds or our third party partners, or request for it to be emailed to them directly as part of the weekly market report.

Contact us to request more information. 

Price details

  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Specification: US$/t
  • Methodology: An intelligent assessment of the price at which most deals were transacted or would have transacted over the week assessed. See full methodology.

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