ARGUS Net Zero

The Argus Net Zero report delivers electricity and gas energy attribute certificate prices, news, analysis and other trade data, bringing transparency to voluntary renewables market for the energy transition.

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Achieving net zero is a major consideration for all parts of the economy. Energy producers and traders, utilities, energy intensive consumers, retail energy customers and investors are considering means to mitigate exposure to fossil fuels and carbon-intensive energy.

Energy attributes certificates and associated schemes — including guarantees of origin in Europe, national renewable energy certificates schemes and globally traded international renewable energy certificates — enable the documentation of renewable energy supply through the value chain. The certificate acts as a premium to the energy cost, guaranteeing supply originates from a desired source. Argus provides robust prices for the developing certificates markets, bringing transparency to the trade in green energy premiums.

Energy and Guarantees of Origin

Energy and Guarantees of Origin

Certificates generated by renewable producers mean that consumers can support existing power and gas portfolios with renewable technology-backed certificates.

A unit of energy within the grid can now be matched to a certificate, identifying the technology or feedstock, time and location in which a unit of energy was produced.

Markets covered

  • EU electricity Guarantees of Origin (GOs)
  • EU biomethane certificates (RGGOs)
  • UK Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs)
  • UK biomethane certificates (RGGOs)
  • International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs)
    • China
    • Brazil
    • Turkey
    • Mexico
    • Chile
    • India
    • UAE

European GOOs

Previous year Current year 1 year ahead 2 years ahead 3 years ahead
Nordic hydro
European wind
European solar
European any renewable
Spain domestic any renewable      

UK Regos

  Current compliance period 1 compliance period ahead   2 compliance periods ahead  3 compliance periods ahead

European RGGOs

Market and feedstock Unit Previous year Current year Year 1
UK RGGO crop £/MWh
UK RGGO waste £/MWh
Denmark BMC crop €/MWh
Denmark BMC waste €/MWh
Dutch BMC crop               €/MWh               ✓ 
Dutch BMC waste             €/MWh    ✓  ✓ 

Argus International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-RECs) price assessments

Previous year Current year Previous year Current year Previous year Current year Previous year Current year

Key prices

For more information on the power and gas guarantee of origin prices, please see our key prices pages below:

Customers that benefit

  • Renewable electricity and biomethane producers and sellers can use Argus’ prices to evaluate portfolios, for planning, and for benchmarking supply agreements
  • Guarantee of Origin traders and market analysts can manage risk, develop trading strategies and benchmark trades using Argus’ prices
  • Energy-intensive industrial consumers can develop GOO-backed feedstock strategies, manage risk and purchase supply linked to the price assessments
  • Independent references can help renewable investor and financial institution portfolio development and management. The independent prices can aid informed decision-making during the energy transition
  • ESG-minded industrial and commercial businesses can track market developments and look to negotiate supply agreements with a view on current Argus-published GOO prices

Related market reporting

Argus publishes reports covering several related markets. The reports contain prices, news, analysis, deals data and physical market data for the following:


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