As governments continue their attempts to lower emissions in line with international targets, demand for biofuels is increasing significantly. Global biofuels output is expected to rise by more than 3mn b/d in the next five years, and such rapid growth means that new threats and opportunities are constantly emerging. Staying on top of the ever-changing biofuels landscape is becoming more challenging.

Argus biofuels coverage includes price assessments and key insights into regional biodiesel, ethanol and feedstock markets, along with updates on changing legislation, long-term market fundamentals and the latest market-moving news.

Biofuels key prices

Argus prices are recognised by the market as accurate and reliable indicators of the real market value. Explore some of our most widely used price assessments for biofuels.
  • ARGUS FAME 0 biodiesel

    The Argus FAME 0 (fatty acid methyl ester 0°C) price assessment is a key benchmark for European biodiesel markets.
  • ARGUS RME biodiesel

    The price assessment applies to RME (rapeseed oil methyl ester) traded on a fob Rotterdam basis, one to four weeks forward.

    Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) are a tradeable commodity, allowing the holder to demonstrate compliance with the US Renewable Fuel Standard.
  • ARGUS Eurobob oxy gasoline

    Used as the benchmark price in gasoline transaction throughout northwest Europe.

Argus Americas Biofuels Renewable Volume Obligation (RVO)

Argus’ RVO assessments are a measure of an obligated party’s cost per US gallon of meeting its obligations under the EPA’s RFS2 by purchasing RINs in the spot market. Argus publishes RVO costs for the current and previous compliance years. RVO costs are calculated by weighting Argus’ RIN assessments for the named compliance year according to the EPA’s percentage requirements for the same compliance year.

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Explore some of our services

  • ARGUS Biofuels

    Argus reports daily spot prices and industry news on international biofuels, ethanol and feedstock markets. Daily news coverage of important legislative market events is written by industry experts.
  • ARGUS Americas Biofuels

    A daily market service covering the physical spot markets for ethanol and other renewables, including LCFS and RINs, across North and Latin America.
  • ARGUS Brazil Motor Fuels

    A daily market service in Portuguese providing price coverage, commentary, news and analysis about the Brazilian diesel, gasoline, ethanol and biodiesel markets.
  • ARGUS Biofuels Outlook

    A monthly service forecasting demand and prices for environmental credits and key biofuels markets, up to 12 months into the future.

Navigating energy transition

Energy transition offers tough challenges and huge opportunities. Far from affecting only the power sector, all major industries are looking to transform how they produce, store, transport and consume energy. The need for authoritative information on fuels, industrial heat, power and chemical raw materials has never been greater.


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