Markets for bitumen, or asphalt as it is known in the Americas, are changing. The introduction of the IMO 0.5pc sulphur cap in January 2020 has affected the way bitumen is priced. This, along with changing crude slates, refinery upgrades, site closures and increased pressure on logistics, is redefining bitumen markets globally.

Argus understands bitumen markets on a local and global level. Our coverage includes regional pricing, including truck, rail and seaborne, as well as in-depth news coverage from dedicated teams around the globe, supply and demand fundamentals, and long-term forecasting.

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Bitumen key prices

Argus prices are recognised by the market as accurate and reliable indicators of the real market value. Explore some of our most widely used price assessments for bitumen.
  • ARGUS waterborne fob Singapore

    Argus fob Singapore waterborne assessment is a significant marker for the bitumen exports in the entire Asian region.
  • ARGUS waterborne cif mid-Atlantic

    Argus cif waterborne assessment is referenced for cargoes moving into and around the US Mid-Atlantic.
  • ARGUS waterborne fob Gulf

    Argus waterborne fob Gulf accurately reflect prices for US Gulf coast asphalt exports.
  • ARGUS rail fob Midwest assessment

    The US rail fob midcontinent assessment includes prices for asphalt transported by railcar across the greater Midwest.

Explore some of our services

  • ARGUS Americas Asphalt

    The Argus Americas Asphalt service is your reliable weekly source on the latest asphalt market developments and includes a dynamic perspective on both North and Latin American markets.
  • ARGUS Bitumen

    The Argus Bitumen service is your comprehensive weekly source of price assessments for domestic and export bitumen and asphalt markets.
  • ARGUS Asphalt Annual

    The Argus Asphalt Annual report is your annual forecast update on the latest asphalt market developments, including details production, trade flow and consumption data.
  • ARGUS US Products

    Argus US Products is your comprehensive intelligence and pricing service for all US product prices, including gasoline, blendstocks, diesel, jet and renewable fuels, with price assessments delivered at 3:45 pm central.


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