The global market for compound NPKs is one of the most important and dynamic markets in the fertilizer sector. Around 20pc of a total market of over 100mn t was traded between countries in 2023. This traded volume is growing relatively quickly, with an increasing number of fertilizer producers entering the market or expanding their supply base to meet demand from a rising number of buyers. Growth from consumers is well founded on fundamentals. Farmers are under ever-increasing pressure to improve their yields and crop quality, and to use fertilizers efficiently, not only to manage costs but to limit potential environmental losses.

Greater agricultural sophistication is bringing an increasing variety of grades to the market. Producers are also striving to move from commodity grades, such as 15-15-15, to more specific formulations (often tailored to specific customer needs) to increase nutrient-use efficiency and capture market share. 

The impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict has also seen major shifts in trade flows, given Russia’s significant compound-NPK capacity, and Russian-origin product has long been seen as a benchmark for high-quality NPKs. Russian exports have been seen shifting from Europe to India, and this is reflected in NPK & NPS grades and trade.

Argus has decades of experience covering the NPKs market. We incorporate our multi-commodity market expertise in key areas including nitrogen, phosphates, potash and sulphur to provide the full market narrative.

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