Using the wealth of data available to us we deliver client-specific market studies.

Our consulting team, most of whom have many years of experience directly in the energy and commodity industries, combine our extensive market fundamentals and pricing information, with deep market knowledge. Together, this enables us to help inform your strategic decisions with a comprehensive and rigorous evidence base.

From feasibility analysis to low-carbon strategy planning and everything in between, if you have questions that need answering, we can help.

Key capabilities

Feasibility studies

Exploration of a proposed project to determine its merits and viability.

Project valuation

Determine whether the financial benefits are greater than the risks to the business valuation.

Due diligence

Collection and analysis of information to support decision making.

Strategic planning

Build strategic plans based on a rigorous evidence base compiled by independent experts.

Policy and regulatory analysis

We track and interpret the implications of current and future regulatory and legislative conditions.

Market entry studies

Analysis of potential market size, price outlooks, scenarios, legislative development and competitor landscape.

Analytics and forecasting

Identify the insights most relevant to you with our forward-looking research, produced by recognised industry experts.

Through fundamentals data, analytical tools and data visualisation, forward-looking price outlooks and strategy reports, we bring the future into focus to help you realise your opportunities.

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