ARGUS Brazil Gas and Power

The Argus Brazil Gas and Power report provides key posted and calculated gas and power prices. These prices are backed up by market analysis of the Brazilian natural gas, gas substitutes and power market.

The Brazilian natural gas industry is undergoing a liberalisation process, entailing a fundamental transformation of how the gas and power sectors operate. New law and regulations are being introduced to allow the new market creation.

At Argus we appreciate that all the stakeholders operating in this new environment require reliable and timely information, prices and analysis on the market developments. Our Argus Brazil Gas and Power report comprehensively covers all aspects of Brazilian gas and power market.

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Markets covered

  • Daily gas natural price (piped gas distribution contract prices, calculated under the contracts definition, on four locations)
  • Daily LNG des Brazil price
  • Daily LPG Brazil price
  • Daily Henry Hub price
  • Daily North Sea Dated Brent price
  • Daily power spread (spark spread and fuel oil spread)
  • Daily LNG-equivalent prices (comparing LNG des Brazil prices to piped gas prices, petroleum coke, diesel and fuel oil)

Key features

  • Provides a framework for understanding the new gas market
  • Calculated prices for wholesale contracts for distributors
  • Equivalent prices comparing gas prices with other similar fuels (e.g. diesel, fuel oil) with natural gas
  • Power spreads (from gas generation and fuel oil generation), besides natural gas, LPG and power fundamentals

Customers that benefit

Key firms involved in the Brazilian, Latin American and global gas and power sector, as well as organisations planning to operate in this newly liberalised market. They will all find the Argus Brazil Gas and Power report essential. Below are examples of how some clients benefit from our service:

  • Exploration and production companies use our information to keep up-to-date with evolving gas and power policies, trade flows and prices.
  • National and international energy companies need first-hand information about imports and exports, production, storage, gas transportation, LNG and power in Brazil, the LATAM region and global levels.
  • Large industrial companies and power generators need a fixed price for fuel inputs to be able to secure customers or clear the market. The reliability and rapid delivery of Argus’ indexes allows them to know where their process engineering and supply chain stand compared with the power market.
  • Financial players depend on our in-depth knowledge of market trends, national energy policies and updates on new projects and acquisitions.


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