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Ford faces Canada strike as deadline looms

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  • 23/09/18

Automaker Ford is facing a strike at its Canadian operations as the deadline for a new labor contract approaches and as the industry grapples with an active United Autoworkers (UAW) strike in the US.

The Unifor autoworkers union is negotiating new contracts with Ford, General Motors (GM) and Stellantis, known as the Big 3 automakers, for the union's 18,000 represented workers.

The union has set Ford as their strike target, which means that if the two parties do not reach a tentative agreement by the time the contract expires tonight at midnight, the union could strike the company's Canadian operations.

Contracts at GM and Stellantis have been extended.

Ford has two plants in Windsor, Ontario, that build engines for versions of the F-150 pickup truck, the Mustang sports car and some of Ford's commercial-focused chassis cab trucks.

Versions of those vehicles are produced at Ford plants in Dearborn and Flat Rock, Michigan; Kansas City, Missouri; and an assembly plant near Cleveland, Ohio.

Ford also has the Oakville assembly plant in Ontario that builds the Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus SUVs.

In late-August, Unifor workers at the three automakers voted to authorize strike action by at least 98pc at each, with workers at Ford voting 98.9pc in favor.

The potential strike in Canada comes as Ford, GM and Stellantis are weathering one in the US.

Ford has laid off 600 workers at its Wayne, Michigan, plant because of the strike at that facility, while GM has said it may idle its Fairfax, Kansas, plant as a strike at its Wentzville, Missouri, plant has cut off some parts supply.

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