Japan’s Idemitsu builds stake in refiner Fuji Oil

  • : Crude oil, Oil products, Petrochemicals
  • 24/04/17

Idemitsu has agreed to buy an additional stake in fellow Japanese refiner Fuji Oil from domestic power producer Jera, adding to their existing partnership.

Idemitsu on 16 April said it will buy Jera's entire 8.75pc share of Fuji, raising its stake to 21.79pc, for ¥2.5bn ($16.2mn). It is unclear when the companies will complete the deal. Jera declined to disclose the reasons for selling its stake.

Idemitsu in March also bought domestic petrochemical producer Sumitomo Chemical's stake in Fuji to boost its share to 13.04pc from 6.58pc, becoming its main shareholder.

It aims to further optimise fuel oil production and sales including refinery operations, while promoting decarbonisaton of its businesses. Idemitsu is enhancing its partnership with Fuji in the face of shrinking domestic oil and petrochemical demand and growing consumption in overseas, especially in southeast Asia.

Idemitsu owns the 190,000 b/d Chiba refinery in the Keiyo industrial complex in east Japan's Chiba prefecture where Fuji operates the 143,000 b/d Sodegaura refinery. Their refineries are connected to Sumitomo Chemical's Chiba plant.

Idemitsu's refineries also include the 150,000 b/d Hokkaido in the northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido, the 160,000 b/d Aichi in Aichi prefecture in central Japan and the 255,000 b/d Yokkaichi in Mie prefecture in the country's west. Idemitsu's subsidiary Toa Oil operates the 70,000 b/d Kawasaki refinery in east Japan's Kanagawa prefecture.

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