Chinese importers seek five LNG cargoes for Jun-Sep

  • : Natural gas
  • 24/05/15

Five Chinese importers, mostly second-tier buyers, are each seeking one LNG cargo for June-September delivery, according to an official notice published by China's national pipeline operator PipeChina on 15 May.

The five importers are PipeChina, Chinese independent ENN, Hong Kong-listed city gas firm China Resources Gas, Hong Kong-based Towngas and state-owned China Gas.

PipeChina and ENN have indicated a target price of at most $9.50/mn Btu for their intended cargoes, both for delivery to PipeChina's 6mn t/yr Tianjin terminal. China Gas has indicated a target price of at most $9.30/mn Btu for delivery to PipeChina's 6mn t/yr Beihai termial.

China Resources Gas and Towngas have both indicated a target price of at most $9/mn Btu for delivery to PipeChina's 2mn t/yr Yuedong and Tianjin terminals, respectively.

This consolidated requirement came about because of a need for PipeChina to better leverage on its infrastructure advantages and, at the same time, meet the varying needs of gas importers and consumers in the country.

But this requirement comes at a time when spot LNG prices are still somewhat higher than the importers' targeted prices. But the importers can choose not to buy if offers are not within their expectations.

The front-half month of the ANEA, the Argus assessment for spot LNG deliveries to northeast Asia, was last assessed at $10.485/mn Btu on 15 May.

Chinese importers mostly perceive spot prices below $9-9.50/mn Btu for June-September deliveries to be unattainable for now because there is strong buying interest from south and southeast Asia in particular.

Indian state-controlled refiner IOC most recently bought LNG for delivery between 22 May and 15 June at around $10.60/mn Btu, through a tender that closed on 14 May.

Thailand's state-controlled PTT most recently bought three deliveries for 9-10 July, 16-17 July and 22-23 July through a tender that closed on 13 May, at just slightly above $10.50/mn Btu.

The most recent spot transaction was Japanese utility Tohoku Electric's purchase of a 10-30 June delivery at around $10.55/mn Btu through a tender that closed on 14 May. This is at least $1/mn Btu higher than Chinese importers' indications.

Summer requirements have so far been muted but concerns among buyers about potential supply disruptions remain. Malaysia's 30mn t/yr Bintulu LNG export terminal suffered a power loss on 10 May, but this issue may have been resolved as of early on 15 May, according to offtakers.

Some unspecified upstream issues may still be affecting production at the Bintulu facility, resulting in Malaysia's state-owned Petronas having to ask some of its buyers for cargo deferments, according to offtakers.

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