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Brazil's Pelotas port resumes operations

  • : Agriculture, Fertilizers
  • 24/05/21

Brazil's Pelotas port, one of the three main ports in flood-swept southern Rio Grande do Sul state, resumed operations on Tuesday.

Cargo handling had been suspended since the beginning of May as heavy rains hit the region in late April and caused the biggest flood in the history of the state.

The port of Rio Grande, the largest in the state and one of the most relevant for grains and fertilizers in Brazil, continues to operate normally. Rio Grande did not suspend operations at any time during the floods, but cargo handling slowed in recent weeks. For safety reasons, the port authority reduced the draft to 12.8 meters (42ft) at the Bunge, Bianchini and Termasa/Tergrasa terminals.

The port of Porto Alegre has suspended operations because Lake Guaiba's level is at 4m, 1m above its flood level, according to the state's civil defense.

There are 77 stretches of on 46 highways in Rio Grande do Sul totally or partially blocked, including roads, bridges and ferries.

Since the floods began, 464 cities have been impacted, affecting around 2.4mn people. The floods have left 161 people dead, 85 missing and over 581,600 people displaced.

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