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Chinese EV producers step up solid-state battery plans

  • : Battery materials, Metals
  • 24/05/27

Major Chinese auto manufacturers aim to launch mass production of solid-state batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) in the coming years.

State-owned SAIC plans to deploy full solid-state batteries in its own EV brands from 2025 and start mass production in 2026. The battery will have an energy density of over 400Wh/kg. This can support at least 1,000km of driving range, according to industry forecasts.

SAIC produced nearly 290,000 new energy vehicles during January-April, accounting for 22pc of its total vehicle production, up by 32pc from a year earlier. It is also China's largest EV exporter.

GAC Group has also outlined a plan to deploy full solid-state batteries with its Hyber EV brand in 2026. The battery has an energy density of 400Wh/kg that can support more than 1,000km of driving range.

Domestic EV producer Nio in last June tested a solid-state battery with a 360Wh/kg energy density and a 1,044km driving range. IM Motors, in which SAIC holds a stake, in April unveiled a plan to launch its IM L6 EV model with an ultra-fast charging solid-state battery with 130kWh of power and support up to 1,000km of driving range with a 900V ultra-fast charging capacity.

Chinese EV and battery manufacturers have accelerated their development of solid-state batteries in an effort to make up for the shortcomings of dominant ternary and lithium iron phosphate batteries, such as erratic safety performance or limited driving range. Solid-state batteries with a longer life, smaller size and safer performance are considered the main development direction for the next generation of power batteries in a rapidly developing global EV industry.

But there are several challenges restricting mass production of solid-state batteries, particularly significantly higher manufacturing costs, which could complicate Chinese EV manufacturers' production targets.

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