Coal Bespoke Consulting

Coal Bespoke Consulting

Market challenges

The market for coal as a generation fuel has evolved significantly in the past decade. The low calorific coal typically demanded by new power plants, the regulations facing the mining and use of coal, and competition from fuels such as natural gas have brought about novel challenges for utilities, coal producers, regulators and policy makers alike.

Devising an optimal portfolio of coal supply, mitigating demand risk, understanding the impact of coal procurement regulations on electricity and ensuring that decarbonisation efforts are compatible with the availability of power are among some of the issues facing market participants.

Argus has considerable experience working with stakeholders in the coal industry and other generation fuels to devise tailor-made solutions to overcome these challenges.

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Global coal project experience

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Case studies

  • Procurement strategy

    A utility needed specialist insight to build its procurement strategy. Argus Consulting carried out a thorough assessment, ultimately delivering the optimal supply portfolio to the client.
  • Best practices guidance

    A regulator needed to ensure that thermal coal imports were priced appropriately. Argus Consulting undertook a research project to develop tailor-made best practices that overcame challenges and reduced costs.
  • Pricing review

    A power sector client was required to set forecast prices for thermal coal. Faced with price volatility, the complexity of different grades and opaque market conditions, it turned to Argus Consulting for a solution.

Argus advantage

The unique combination of our data, our market network and our people make Argus your first choice for any coal consulting projects.

Our data

Global price database

  • Argus is the leading provider of coal prices across the global markets, including those used as benchmarks with the API series as part of the Argus/McCloskey’s Coal Price Index Report and the ICI series as part of the Argus/Coalindo Indonesian Coal Index Report.
  • In addition, our pricing teams regularly assess and publish proprietary prices for a broad range of particular coal grades and specifications, as well as forward and calculated prices.
  • As a result, Argus Consulting has access to the widest, most granular set of prices for the coal markets available anywhere. Our projects are uniquely informed by this unbeatable volume of price data, ensuring our clients receive the most informed and in-depth insight.

Worldwide supply and demand data

  • We track production and consumption trends worldwide and combine the data with fundamentals modelling to provide medium and long-range forecasts for future supply-demand balances, import requirements, supply placement opportunities and analysis of the impact of changing market dynamics.

Trade data

  • Our extensive knowledge of trade flows at local and global levels ensures that we can advise you on the best and most practical logistical options for getting commodities to target markets effectively.

Our market network

Market insights

  • The nature of our business means that we are in contact with active participants in markets around the world every day, giving us an unbeatable insight into what’s really happening.
  • Our comprehensive knowledge of the main players and their market share helps clients understand the options available to them, whether they are trying to purchase or sell coal, regulate these markets or devise policy for the industry.

Competitor insights

  • We know how your business compares with that of your competitors. Our detailed knowledge enables us to outline the strengths and weaknesses of each, giving you critical insight into your competitiveness or that of potential partners.

Granular insights

  • The principal business of Argus is pricing and market intelligence. As the research and advisory arm of the business, we are uniquely positioned to provide a wealth of deep and granular insight at the industry microstructure level.

Our expertise

Our global team of consultants have a wide-ranging skillset and extensive experience across the coal and generation fuels markets. Their specialist knowledge and expertise enables us to turn insights into opportunities when providing you with our tailor-made research.

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