Custom reports

The custom reports feature available as part of the Argus Metals platform maximises your ability to access exactly what you need in the most efficient way possible. If you have multiple contracts settled on the basis of an Argus price assessment or exchange price, you can set up a report that creates a single list of all those prices, arranged by customer, product, location or department, and add it to your workspace so that you can track the current cost of all those materials every time you visit the platform. Setting up a custom report removes the need to repeatedly answer multiple queries to add the relevant prices that you manage in your contracts and arrange them into a single data extract. This is ideal for anyone who runs the same reports every month with the same collection of prices. Following an easy one-time set up, the report can be exported as a PDF or Excel file with the current data as often as you need to run it and distributed to anyone who is included on your functional licence with Argus.

Five simple steps to improving your workflow

1. From your custom dashboard, click the Add content button.

add content

2. In the Add a widget menu, click Custom reports to expand the custom report selections, and choose Create new.

 Create new

3. Add prices by searching or using the index and click add to the report, adjusting currency and unit of measure if needed.

Select prices

4. Name your report and save changes.

save setting

5. Add the report to your workspace. Repeat these steps for as many groups of prices as you want to display together on your workspace.

add widget

Advantages of Argus custom reports

  • Creates workflow efficiency at user login level — every user with a unique login can set up their own customised view
  • Dynamically updated to always show current pricing data, but also retains historic views of reports by date for auditing purposes
  • Combines various price assessments into reports for how your business needs to view the data, not strictly by metal categories
  • Can be added to customised workspaces alongside other customised content widgets, such as news, charts and prices by metal category
  • Include any synthetic prices you have built using the Alloy Calculator tool
  • Offers a clean customised report tailored to every one of your customers for contract administration purposes
  • Easily exportable into PDF and Excel
  • Combine exchange prices and Argus price assessments from any commodity category in a single report, using a common currency and unit of measure


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