Subscription Options

What types of subscriptions does Argus offer?

Not everyone in the company will need direct access to the Argus products. You may need to distribute data widely throughout your organisation, from the market analysis team, to risk management, senior management reporting, back office etc. Functional licences are designed for these scenarios, even with only a single person as the point of contact with Argus. Our licensing structure can accommodate any combination of products and access requirements. Call an account manager today to find an effective solution for your team.

Argus provides three core products within its metals portfolio to allow subscribers access to a broad base of metal prices, functional tools for analysis of those prices, news, charts and supplementary data provided in the form of daily reports and a highly customisable platform.

Advantages of our subscription options

  • accurate contract agreements

    Packages designed specifically for how you and your colleagues interact with data
  • evidence based negotiations

    Workflow tools to maximise efficiency
  • market drive

    Highly customisable analysis tools at the user level

Which core product is right for you?

  • ARGUS Ferrous Markets

    From mine to mill, the prices that drive the carbon steel production value chain are covered within the most active trading regions around the world.
  • ARGUS Non-Ferrous Markets

    A collection of raw materials critical to manufacturing today’s highly engineered steels, electronics, batteries and technically advanced industrial and consumer products are covered within a single service.
  • ARGUS Scrap Markets

    In-depth coverage of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, along with the associated finished products, provided for key local markets such as the US, and with the breadth that encompasses all major international trading routes.