Argus petrochemicals experts return to AFPM

Author Chuck Venezia, Senior Vice-President, Global Petrochemicals

Argus petrochemicals experts are excited to reconnect with industry participants at this year's AFPM IPC event, which returns to San Antonio, Texas.

Argus’ petrochemicals team is returning to this year’s AFPM IPC event in San Antonio. Many global issues have recently come into effect, allowing us the chance to analyze them more in depth as we meet with industry participants. We’ll discuss and hear views on whether 2019 will bring relief from trade disputes and impending US tariffs, and we’ll unpack what far-reaching effects Brexit could have on the global market. From olefins and polymers to aromatics, C5 and hydrocarbon resins to methanol, fuels and octane to chlor-alkali, our experts can offer insight into any present-day issues affecting the global petrochemical industry.


Argus has been a single-source provider for pricing, consulting, and analysis, delivering exclusive insights and reporting for over 45 years. With our consultants’ vast industry experience in planning, operational and trading viewpoints, we are constantly tracking supply and demand from a historical, current and forward looking view.

We are excited about reconnecting with you at this year’s AFPM in San Antonio. Once again, our team will be located in Salon D of the Marriott Riverwalk hotel.

Here are a few timely topics we’ll be discussing:

The US has pending tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese imports, including some tires, rubber chemicals, plastics and auto parts. It has resulted in a great deal of uncertainty for the petrochemicals industry. Will 2019 bring any relief from the trade wars and impending tariffs?

But the U.S./China trade dispute is not the only threat to global trade. Brexit will create far-reaching effects on the UK’s economy, and could also lead to weakness throughout the EU. What mitigation strategies can suppliers and other market players employ to remain competitive once new economic changes emerge? Stop by and speak with our European colleagues, Andy Nicholson or Sarah Rae, to hear their views.

Visit with us at AFPM IPC March 24-26th in San Antonio – we’ll be in Salon D of the Marriott Riverwalk. We look forward to connecting with you!

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