Inside Fertilizer Analytics: Processed Phosphates, Nov. 2021

Author Argus

The processed phosphates market has continued its year of surprises and price rallying since our last processed phosphates podcast episode and it’s the imposition of restrictions on Chinese phosphate exports which have spurred on the most recent wave of concerns and price support.

Listen to - Inside Fertilizer Analytics: Processed phosphates, May 2021

Claira Lloyd – Phosphate and Phosphate Rock Research Manager joins Tim Cheyne, VP Fertilizers to take a deep dive on the Chinese export cuts and what it means for consuming markets both east and west of Suez, and even how it will cause some difficulties for those markets which are not reliant on Chinese supply. India, Australia, Brazil, Pakistan and the US will be their areas of focus as they explore what the removal of China means for our market.

They will then discuss new supply projects which have been added to the Argus Processed Phosphates Analytics base-case and what environmental restrictions and concerns could mean for their future.

Finally, they review pricing expectations for the rest of this year and in to the medium-term, particularly as market dynamics have changed swiftly with the confirmation of Chinese export limitations.

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