Hydrogen and Future Fuels Insights: Hydrogen and potential role in steel production decarbonisation

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22 九月 2021

Voluntary carbon markets: increasing interest, persisting challenges

Voluntary carbon markets are becoming a familiar feature in corporations’ efforts to offset emissions, with “carbon farming” being a nascent but promising sector in this context. What is the potential for this market and what challenges do we foresee in its widespread a...


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16 九月 2021

Jet Fuel Insights: Aviation carbon offset and reduction schemes

Tune in to learn about SAF carbon offsets and emissions reductions in this latest episode in the Jet Fuel Insights series.


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16 八月 2021

Decarbonising road transport: the consequences for petrochemical producers

As efforts to decarbonise road fuel demand intensify it is worth noting that lower oil demand means less refining, which will have significant consequences for the global petrochemical industry.


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