Markets in Conflict: Implications for the World Economy

Author Argus

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is causing wide ranging impact across commodity markets, with short and longer-term implications for the world economy.

Join David Fyfe, Chief Economist, Lloyd Thomas, SVP, Consulting and Haik Gugarats, Associate Editor and resident expert on US and international energy policy and politics as they discuss the conflict’s implications for Europe, Ukraine, Russia, US and China.

They assess the lessons from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the potential for a notional ‘supply crisis’ morphing into a demand crisis – and long-term structural considerations including the consequences for the drive towards energy transition and cleaner fuels.

Key topics covered in this episode:

  • Impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on the global economy and trade
  • Impact on the key markets of the US and China and implications for Europe, Ukraine and Russia
  • Comparing the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic – and what can we learn from it
  • Degree to which a notional “supply crisis” could morph into a demand crisis, as higher prices & GDP pressures start to hit demand for commodities
  • Longer term structural considerations: globalisation vs. regionalisation, producer & consumer alliances, the pace of the drive towards Energy Transition and cleaner fuels

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阿格斯为全球市场提供信息及相关服务,在此过程中会有必要与分布于欧洲经济区(EEA)内外的集团公司和服务供应商共享您的个人信息。阿格斯(Argus Media)可能会使用提交的详细信息向您发送与您业务相关且您可能感兴趣的阿格斯产品与服务相关内容。您可以随时取消订阅这些更新。我们将遵循本公司的隐私政策对您的个人信息进行妥善管理。

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