ARGUS Battery Materials

Argus Battery Materials is the definitive resource for miners, refiners and consumers of battery materials – Delivering over 130 price battery price assessments, decades of historical data, forecasts for key battery metals and chemicals (including a 10-year demand outlook for the EV industry) and grants access to our bespoke Argus Metals platform with dedicated tools to optimise daily workflows.

As battery materials mature into a liquid market, even financial players can future-proof their business by leaning on decades of historical data and demand outlooks for EVs and consumer electronics to make substantiated hedges against the LME and other indexes.

Argus already supports organisations across the breadth of the global metals supply chain, from miners, chemical producers, cell/battery manufacturers, EV/automotive OEMs to utilities and financial groups.



Download a copy of the Argus Battery Materials report or request a demo of the full service to access over 130 battery material price assessments, including lithium, cathodes graphite and more.

Receive daily market news and price alerts, retrieve historical data and compare forecasts for individual metals as well as supply/demand outlooks for specific industries, including EVs and consumer electronics.

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Markets covered

 Price assessments  Data & Analytics
  • Lithium
  • Cobalt
  • Nickel
  • Manganese
  • Graphite

  • Antimony
  • Silicon
  • Vanadium
  • Cathode active materials (NCM 811, NCA, LFP, etc)
  • Other key inputs:
    · Sulphuric acid
    · Phosphorous
One-year price forecasts for:
· Key battery metals
· Battery chemistry
· EV batteries
· 10-year forecasts for:
· EV demand
· Renewable energy
· Gigafactory projects
  • Monthly analysis of key drivers and developments
  • Lithium cost curve
  • Access to our consulting team
  • Access to all supporting data via Argus Direct for Spreadsheets

 Access all price assessments, news, market commentary, data and analytics through ARGUS METALS

Key features

  • Downloadable analytics data for EVs, renewable energy and other industries
  • Exchange data available from the LME in a customizable view
  • A global service with teams in Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe and the Americas
  • Breaking news from the world’s battery markets, wherever you are
  • IOSCO-compliant methodology that is independent, transparent and trusted



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