ARGUS Global Petroleum Coke Outlook to 2026

All major economies across the globe are gearing up for a fast growth trajectory over the next few years. For that reason, demand for energy fuel is expected to rise substantially. On the other hand, a commitment to protect the environment is one of the highest priorities of world leaders. What do these two often-competing macro themes mean for you and for the petroleum coke markets?

Our Argus Global Petroleum Coke Outlook to 2026 report provides well-researched analysis of the fuel grade and anode grade petroleum coke industry. This report is backed by Argus’ proprietary and critical market data, giving you access to the underlying numbers which are shaping the markets.

Key features

Our global report helps you make well-informed strategic and operational decisions for your organization.

The report includes:

  • Key findings on emerging dynamics of the petroleum coke market globally;
  • Regional market balances from 2011-26;
  • Access to Argus’ unique proprietary and market data sets;
  • An overview of the entire petroleum coke value chain and the challenges it faces;
  • Detailed analysis by Hayden Atkins, Argus’ principal consultant on coal and petroleum coke;
  • Price forecasts and explanation of our methodology; and
  • Access to the Argus analysts to discuss the key findings of the report.
To better navigate the markets, register your interest today. You can then review a snapshot of this most comprehensive report on the petroleum coke industry.

Argus’ comprehensive expertise across key markets globally — including fuel-grade petroleum coke and anode grade petroleum coke, as well as up-to-date information on coker and refinery operations — underpins the valuable insights provided in this global report. We have on-the-ground teams in 26 offices across the globe covering all principal commodity trading and production centers. This global reach helps us provide unparalleled insights into commodities markets for our clients.

Customers that benefit

The Argus Global Petroleum Coke Outlook to 2026 brings clarity on how macro themes are impacting the petroleum coke markets. It provides valuable data and analysis on how the market is evolving. This annual report will help you navigate the market and make well-informed strategic and operational decisions for your organization.

Evolving petcoke production


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