The Argus Petroleum Coke Outlook service is your accurate and reliable monthly forecast for global coking markets.

Gain an understanding of future global petroleum coke markets, with a focus on forward-looking analysis of demand, supply and trade flows.

This monthly service features price forecasts for a number of fuel-grade and anode-grade petroleum coke price assessments that we publish, as well as detailed forecasts of supply and demand for petroleum coke in key markets such as the US, Europe, India and China.

Key features



In-depth analysis and supply/demand and price projections.



Refining economics and market intelligence that affects petroleum coke output.

Production data

Detailed production data from around the globe.

Imports and exports

Import/export and trade flows between all major market participants.



Forecasts and analysis of end-use markets such as aluminium, cement, power generation and steel production.

Customers that benefit

The Argus Global Petroleum Coke Outlook to 2026 provides valuable data and analysis on how macro themes are impacting the petroleum coke markets. Below are some examples of how customers use our service.
  • Fuel buyers

    Use Argus data to manage logistics and supply chain risks. The cost of fuel can be the difference between plant dispatch or idling the operation, and managing this exposure is crucial to cement makers and power generators.

  • Refiners

    Use Argus throughout their operation, managing crude oil inputs and the myriad production options using Argus insights. Argus petroleum coke prices are the smart choice for refinery managers around the world.
  • Aluminum and calciner buyers

    Rely on Argus price assessments for insights on the crucial cathode-grades of petroleum coke. Argus covers this market from the refinery to smelter, offering the most complete service.

  • Traders

    Use Argus prices to secure supply and sell into the world markets. The trading community has learned to rely on Argus and use our insights when undertaking transactions.