Argus Battery Materials is the definitive resource for miners, refiners and consumers of battery materials – Delivering over 130 price battery price assessments, decades of historical data, forecasts for key battery metals and chemicals (including a 10-year demand outlook for the EV industry) and grants access to our bespoke Argus Metals platform with dedicated tools to optimise daily workflows.

As battery materials mature into a liquid market, even financial players can future-proof their business by leaning on decades of historical data and demand outlooks for EVs and consumer electronics to make substantiated hedges against the LME and other indexes.

Argus already supports organisations across the breadth of the global metals supply chain, from miners, chemical producers, cell/battery manufacturers, EV/automotive OEMs to utilities and financial groups.

Key features


Data downloads

Downloadable analytics data for EVs, renewable energy and other industries.


LME data

Exchange data available from the LME in a customisable view.


Global service

A global service with teams in Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.


News coverage

Breaking news from the world’s battery markets, wherever you are.



IOSCO-compliant methodology that is independent, transparent and trusted.

Customers that benefit

  • Strategy leaders at battery material producers and refiners

    Rely on Argus Battery Materials to gain a broad understanding of market fundaments, including plant-by-plant capacity updates, investment opportunities and top-level trends across the global battery industry.

  • Purchasing and procurement at cell, pack and EV manufacturers

    Need to track price point fluctuations across battery raw materials and cell components to plan future contracts and negotiate escalation clauses from a position of strength. Also require timely market updates on materials that might threaten production, including lithium (carbonate and hydroxide), cobalt, manganese, graphite, nickel and more.
  • Financial markets

    Investors require historical data and outlooks to invest in lithium mines, especially since lithium is not traded as a commodity. As the market becomes more liquid, Argus provides the data and tools needed to make informed hedges against the LME and other indexes. May need to consider Cash/Opex, capital charges, taxes and royalties involved in mine planning.

  • Analysts and researchers

    Leverage Argus data and tools to perform effective medium-to-long term commodity analysis, including supply/demand, capacity, cost and more. Use our cost breakdown of battery cells across different chemistries to better understand competing trends and drivers from PHEV, BEV, ESS and consumer electronics.