7 December 2016

The Brazilian ethanol market has evolved over the past decades into one of the world’s most active in terms of trade and market participants. This development has prompted a great diversification of trade flows, both internationally and intra-regionally, and led to the creation of a long supply chain. 

The growing complexity of this industry has created a strong demand for accurate price assessments to be used as a reliable reference to price the biofuel. To provide much needed price transparency to the Brazilian ethanol industry, global commodity price reporting agency Argus has launched a series of price assessments for hydrous and anhydrous ethanol in the country’s centre-south area, its largest producing region.

Argus publishes all the information that it uses for assessing Brazilian ethanol prices, including the highest and the lowest deals concluded, volume-weighted averages, traded volumes, number of deals, freight differentials and market commentary. Argus provides a market breakdown with specific information for each of the centre-south’s 11 micro-producing regions, allowing market participants to visualize interstate/inter-region arbitrage opportunities.

“The Brazilian ethanol industry has struggled to find a price reference that reaches international standards of excellence in commodity index pricing. Companies have been searching for a fully transparent price index that reflects the sector’s complexity with sophisticated market expertise and Argus has worked with them to provide this,” Argus Media executive chairman and publisher Adrian Binks said.

Argus’ new Brazil ethanol price assessments are part of the newly launched Argus Brazil Ethanol report, available in Portuguese, and complements the Argus Americas Biofuels report’s existing suite of spot price assessments and market commentary for the biofuels industry in the Americas.