Hedge funds

Hedge funds

Advancing investment strategies with proprietary, alternative data in energy markets

Gain a competitive edge in energy-related investment by turning to Argus Media’s data science services. These services uniquely join our proprietary physical transaction data, including prices, volume and location, with constant market interaction.

Because we’ve been covering the energy markets across the globe since 1970, our unparalleled understanding of these markets enables us to give context to our alternative data and models supporting trading, hedging and risk management strategies.

Our global energy market coverage includes:

Hedge funds sectors

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Data services

Argus Possibility Curves: A data-driven way to measure crude oil price volatility and the balance of risk

Argus Possibility Curves apply probabilities to potential oil price ranges to estimate oil price volatility and the balance of risk. Understanding this asymmetry in upside or downside risk helps to:

  • Identify unique trading signals missed by other sources
  • Drive systematic trading models using unique, alternative data such as physical transactions data
  • Get market insight distinct from what is found in traditional fundamental analysis

See the ARGUS Possibility Curves in action

Argus Forward Curves: Support investment and trading decisions with robust, independent market valuation tools

Argus’ forward curve services are powerful and independent market valuation tools that support risk management and trading decisions in the global energy markets. With a clear and forward-looking view into future financial or physical obligations, you can make realistic market valuations, forward curve validation and strengthen overall risk management.


The Argus Universe of alternative data: Real, physical transaction prices

Improve model output by inputting real, physical transaction price data and features.

The Argus Universe fuses meaningful data from 3 clusters: Argus physical prices, fundamental and financial drivers.

Argus Universe data

Argus prices are used as trusted reference points that bring transparency to physical supply and derivative contracts, for mark-to-market purposes, for risk management and strategic analysis and planning. In every market we cover, our work is used to broaden market intelligence and is accepted as an accurate and reliable indicator of the real value of a commodity. Let our pricing knowledge inform your investment and trading models.

Explore the map below for a glimpse of just some of the energy prices we offer:

Hedge funds prices map

About Argus

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About Argus

Argus’ data science solutions are rooted in physical transaction data gleaned from our unique role as a leading energy and commodities market price reporting agency. Our data science team is led by our Chief Data Officer, Vlasios Voudouris, who joined Argus from Standard Chartered Bank where he was the head of the quantitative modelling and analytics team. Vlasios uniquely understands data science and energy markets, having co-authored two books – one on applied data science and the other on energy markets.

Argus celebrates a silver anniversary.

Fifty years ago, Argus Media started as a small shop covering European products markets. Since then, we’ve extended our data, news and insights into the global crude, oil products, LPG, natural gas, electricity, coal, emissions, bioenergy, fertilizer, petrochemical, metals and transportation markets. Companies in over 140 countries use Argus data to index physical trade and as benchmarks in financial derivative markets.

Argus timeline

Energy market resources

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Energy market resources

There’s no denying that significant strides have been made in machine learning algorithms and automation, but there are still times when the key to better decisions is knowing the market. There’s no absolute substitute for human insight.

Learn more about energy markets with these resources.


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