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Argus illuminates the markets by putting a lens on the areas that matter most to you. The market news and commentary we publish reveals vital insights that enable you to make stronger, well- informed decisions.

Our world-class team of market reporters and journalists specialise in the coverage of commodity markets across the globe. We are in constant contact with industry participants, revealing, reporting and analysing the events that shape the global energy and commodities landscape.

With our news and market commentary opportunities to further your strategies are uncovered and clarified. We illuminate specific aspects of the markets directly relevant to your business.

Global coverage through a local lens

500+ stories published every day

From commentary on price movements to fundamentals analysis to macroeconomics, we are constantly publishing insightful stories throughout the day.

10,000+ stories each year

As markets move, so does our coverage. Every day of every month of every year, we are tracking and commentating on every market.

600+ editorial staff

Our specialist team of reporters and journalists are located where the action happens, reporting from every key energy and commodity hub across the globe.

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Business intelligence reports

Get concise, trustworthy and unbiased analysis of the latest trends and developments in oil and energy markets. These reports are specially created for decision makers who don’t have time to track markets day-by-day, minute-by-minute.

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