Driving Discussions podcast series

Driving Discussions podcast series

This podcast series examines the market forces that impact road fuels across the globe. Argus’ leading industry experts break down information on shifts in supply and demand, price trends, trade flows, geopolitical and regulatory implications, and growing low-carbon targets. Episodes focus on different themes and different regions, keeping you informed of the latest market developments globally.

Argus podcast episodes are available on a variety of podcast platforms as well as the Argus Blog, where each episode can be streamed and is provided with a full transcript and related links. Listen and subscribe to Argus podcasts on Apple PodcastsSpotify or Stitcher.

Latest Driving Discussions episodes

22 九月 2023

Driving Discussions: Major Midcon Gasoline Movements

Senior Editor of US products, David Ruisard, joins Argus’ Blendstocks Reporter, Jason Metko, in this new episode.


英语 北美 成品油

18 九月 2023

Driving Discussions: High Times for MTBE

Senior Reporter for methanol and MTBE, Steven McGinn, and Argus’ Blendstocks Reporter, Jason Metko, recap a very busy summer in the MTBE world, and how the market may finish the remainder of 2023. 


主要市场价格 北美 成品油 英语

30 八月 2023

Driving Discussions: Atlantic Coast Conversation

This edition features USAC distillate reporter Craig Ross.


化工品 英语 全球市场 成品油

31 七月 2023

Driving Discussions: Deep dive into the US downstream market

In this episode, Elaine Levin, President of Powerhouse, DC-based risk management and hedging organization, joins Argus’ Blendstocks Reporter, Jason Metko.


英语 原油 北美

05 七月 2023

Driving Discussions Europe: How are sanctions changing the pattern of European Diesel demand and VGO spreads?

In this episode, get an update on the diesel market halfway into 2023 and the demand-supply expectations going forward. Learn more about the impact of the Russian sanctions on the way that refineries source vacuum gas oil (VGO) and its spreads.


成品油 俄语 欧洲 英语

11 七月 2023

Driving Discussions: Rinsing Rins EPAs latest RFS volumes

RINS reporter, Matthew Cope, returns on the driving discussions series with Jason Metko.


生物能源 英语 北美

06 七月 2023

Driving Discussions: Canada's Clean Fuel Regulations

In this new episode, vice presidents of business development Louise Burke and John Demopolous, join host Jason Metko to chat about the Clean Fuel Regulations (CFR) program.


生物能源 英语 成品油 北美

22 六月 2023

Driving Discussions: All about MTBE

Senior Reporter of methanol and MTBE Steven McGinn comes on the series, chatting all things MTBE, what the additive is, some recent price movements, and what to expect with the octane enhancer going forward.


英语 成品油 北美 全球市场

08 六月 2023

Driving Discussions: The ballad of eRINS

RINS reporter Matthew Cope, and Blendstocks reporter and host Jason Metko, discuss what eRINS and SRE's are, their recent movements within the market, and preview a big announcement from the EPA later this June.


主要市场价格 成品油 北美 英语

22 五月 2023

Driving Discussions: The evolving world of US refineries

On this episode, US Downstream reporter Nathan Risser sits down with Jason Metko to talk over the changes within the domestic refinery landscape since the COVID-19 pandemic, and how those changes will affect road fuel consumers during the 2023 summer driving season.


北美 全球市场 成品油 英语

09 五月 2023

Driving Discussions: Backwardation and rising demand in the US midcontinent market

On this latest episode, Argus US Midcontinent reporter, Zach Appel, and Blendstocks reporter and host Jason Metko discuss the latest events in the region; specifically lingering refinery issues, and an earlier-than-normal spring planting season.


北美 成品油 英语

25 四月 2023

Driving Discussions: The new normal in US Atlantic Coast distillate fuels


主要市场价格 市场报告 北美 成品油 英语

11 四月 2023

Driving Discussions: Challenges in base oils

Base oils reporter John Dietrich joins blend stocks reporter and host Jason Metko, in the latest episode focusing on recent challenges within the base oils market, from inventory, to demand drivers, oversupply and more.


成品油 北美 英语 主要市场价格

05 四月 2023

Driving Discussions Europe: Russian diesel keeps on flowing beyond EU/UK borders

Russian exporters are managing to sell their diesel just as before the sanctions were introduced last February 5th. So what is the new dynamic in the market?


俄语 原油 英语 运输

29 三月 2023

Driving Discussions Europe: Diesel heading for uncharted waters

Europe stocked up on diesel at the start of the year, but March saw imports shrink. In this episode of Driving Discussions Europe, Benedict George, associate editor for Argus European Products, updates business development manager Alfonso Berrocal on what’s behind excep...


英语 欧洲 成品油

10 三月 2023

Driving Discussions: 101 insights into fuels pricing

On this episode of Driving Discussions, VP of Business Development, Downstream Road Fuels, Scott Berhang, and Argus US Gulf Coast Blendstocks reporter and host, Jason Metko, chat about intraday fuel pricing and how it is more critical than the end-of-day assessment.


成品油 北美 原油 英语

21 二月 2023

Driving Discussions: Chatting Gasoline and Diesel from the Argus Crude Summit

On this podcast episode, Jim Mitchell, Head of Americas Oil Analysts with Refinitiv, joins Argus Spot Ticker reporter and host Jason Metko, at the sidelines of this year's Argus Crude Summit in Houston.


原油 成品油 北美 英语

09 二月 2023

Driving Discussions: Early 2023 Movements in US Base Oils

In this latest podcast of the series, Argus Spot Ticker reporter and host Jason Metko sits down with Argus' Base Oils reporter John Dietrich, discussing market dynamics since the start of 2023, and provides a preview of Argus' first global base oils conference scheduled...


英语 全球市场 原油

03 二月 2023

Driving Discussions: US Atlantic Coast distillates

This latest podcast of the series focuses on US Atlantic Coast distillates, with Senior USAC distillate reporter, Craig Ross and Spot Ticker, Jason Metko.


英语 北美 主要市场价格 市场报告

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