Driving Discussions podcast series

Driving Discussions podcast series

This podcast series examines the market forces that impact road fuels across the globe. Argus’ leading industry experts will breakdown information on shifts in supply and demand, price trends, trade flows, geopolitical and regulatory implications, and growing low-carbon targets. Each episode focuses on different themes and different regions, keeping you informed of the latest market development globally.

Argus podcast episodes are available on a variety of podcast platforms as well as the Argus Blog, where each episode can be streamed and is provided with a full transcript and related links.

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Driving Discussions episodes

07 七月 2021

Driving Discussions: What’s causing volatility in the RINs market? Prt.1

Over the last month there has been a lot of volatility in the RINs and RVO markets caused by key government decisions.


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02 七月 2021

Driving Discussions: New pricing solutions for the transition to E10 in Europe

Learn about Europe's transition to E10 fuel in this latest episode of the Driving Discussions series.


英语 欧洲 成品油

13 五月 2021

Driving Discussions: Colonial Pipeline shutdown and repercussions

This Driving Discussions episode looks at the colonial pipeline shutdown and the impacts to the transportation fuels market over the last few days.


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22 三月 2021

Driving Discussions: Is the new Administration to blame for high RINs prices?

This Driving Discussions episode looks at the RINs market within the US and explores what has lead to the drastic rise in RINs and RVO costs over the last couple of months.


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19 二月 2021

Biofuels feedstocks in the EU: New renewables targets drive shifts in demand

This Driving discussions episode looks at the biofuels feedstock market within Europe and explore how it will develop under the EU’s recast Renewable Energy Directive (RED II).


生物能源 成品油 英语 欧洲

29 十二月 2020

Driving Discussions: What to expect from 2021

2020 is a year for the history books – global pandemic, road fuel demand destruction, social unrest, and the list goes on. With everything 2020 threw at us, are we ready for 2021 and what should we expect?


成品油 生物能源 全球市场 非洲 亚太地区 欧洲 FSU 拉丁美洲和加勒比地区 中东 北美 英语

08 十二月 2020

Driving Discussions: The road to HVO and SAF in Asia

Learn about the launch of new HVO and SAF assessments in Asia in this latest Driving Discussions episode.


亚太地区 英语 成品油

02 十二月 2020

Driving Discussions: Will the pandemic permanently scar Europe’s refining sector?

The European refined products market has had one of the worst years on record. Covid-19 has demolished transportation fuel demand leaving large fuel stockpiles across the continent.


成品油 原油 欧洲 英语

04 十一月 2020

Driving Discussions: Covid-19 wave #2 and the outlook for European refiners

The global oil products market was hit extremely hard from the first wave of Covid-19. Now that we are beginning feel the effects of the second wave, especially in Europe, are refiners prepared?


成品油 原油 欧洲 英语

26 十月 2020

Driving Discussions: US road fuels market update

This latest episode of Driving Discussions focuses on the recent drop in gasoline prices, a new spec for RBOB gasoline and how refining margins have evolved.


成品油 原油 北美 英语

07 十月 2020

Driving Discussions: Hedging opportunities in European waste biofuels

This episode looks at the developments in UCOME biodiesel with Paul Wightman at CME Group covering the introduction of new price risk management products for this growing market.


生物能源 英语 欧洲

30 九月 2020

Driving Discussions: BP Energy Outlook 2020

Recently, BP released their annual energy outlook. In the 2020 edition, BP outlines three scenarios which explore different pathways for the global energy system through the year 2050.


成品油 原油 碳排放 非洲 亚太地区 英语 欧洲 FSU 全球市场 拉丁美洲和加勒比地区 中东 北美

04 九月 2020

Driving Discussions: How do renewable feedstocks play a role in your biofuels strategy?

Renewable fuels and their importance in the market have seen an uptick this year.


生物能源 成品油 北美 英语

12 八月 2020

Driving Discussions: The resilience of US spot markets

How have refined products spot markets been handling rapid change?


成品油 北美 原油 英语

30 七月 2020

Driving Discussions: Can road fuels exports and floating storage save the clean tanker market?

Our latest Driving Discussions episode focuses on whether road fuels exports and floating storage can help to save the clean tanker market.


全球市场 成品油 运输

15 七月 2020

Driving Discussions: US refining impacts from low utilization

With road fuel demand slightly up but refining utilization still down, how are US refiners coping?


成品油 原油 北美 英语

08 七月 2020

Driving Discussions: How Covid-19 inverted the gasoline-naphtha spread

Welcome to the next episode in Driving Discussions, this time looking at how Covid-19 has turned the naphtha-gasoline relationship on its head.


成品油 运输 英语 欧洲

03 七月 2020

Driving Discussions: The importance of used cooking oil for decarbonising the transport sector

Join us for another Driving Discussions podcast. This time focusing on the impact of used cooking oil as a feedstock for transport fuels.


英语 欧洲 成品油

24 六月 2020

Driving Discussions: US road fuels exports, floating storage and freight markets

The latest podcast in our Driving Discussions series provides an update on the US gasoline and diesel markets.


成品油 北美 原油 英语

17 六月 2020

Driving Discussions: How long does the Opec+ deal stay on the road?

The latest podcast in our Driving Discussions series takes a closer look at how Opec's policies have shaped the road fuels supply/demand landscape.


成品油 原油 运输 全球市场 英语 亚太地区 欧洲 拉丁美洲和加勒比地区 北美

10 六月 2020

Driving Discussions: Road to recovery (part 1)

The latest episode in our Driving Discussions series looks at signs of recovery we might expect over the coming weeks and months as countries re-evaluate lockdown policies.


英语 成品油

03 六月 2020

Driving Discussions: Changing tides in Russian diesel

In the next iteration of our Driving Discussions series we turn to Russian diesel and the cuts imposed to rebalance the current supply/demand landscape across Europe.


FSU 成品油 俄语

27 五月 2020

Driving Discussions: Impacts of Covid-19 on Brazilian ethanol market

Like many commodities markets around the world, the Brazilian ethanol market has seen a significant impact from Covid-19.


成品油 拉丁美洲和加勒比地区 北美

18 五月 2020

Driving Discussions: Balancing Russia's gasoline market in volatile times

Listen in to the latest Driving Discussions podcast, this time spotlighting the state of Russia's gasoline market in the midst of the global Covid-19 pandemic.


FSU 成品油 运输

13 五月 2020

Driving Discussions: The Impact of Covid-19 on European fuel markets and refineries (part 2)

The Driving Discussions series returns to Europe to examine the changes in Covid-19's impact on refineries with a special focus on utilisation rates.


欧洲 英语 成品油

05 五月 2020

Driving Discussions: Brazilian motor fuels market after coronavirus

The Covid-19 pandemic has made its way to Brazil. What has happened to motor fuel demand in this country? And how will domestic and international imports be affected?


成品油 拉丁美洲和加勒比地区 北美 英语

29 四月 2020

Podcast - Driving Discussions: The impact of Covid-19 on European biofuels markets and HVO

Join the latest Driving Discussions podcast for coverage of the European HVO and biofuel markets amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.


英语 欧洲 生物能源 成品油

22 四月 2020

Podcast - Driving Discussions: The surprising RINs market during Covid-19

While all other energy commodities markets around the world have seen a severe dip in prices, RINs prices in the US are steady. What is causing the RINs market in the US to react this way and what is the outlook?


成品油 北美 英语

15 四月 2020

Podcast - Driving Discussions: Exploring Nigerian fuel markets

Listen to the latest Driving Discussions podcast, this time spotlighting the impact of Covid-19 on Nigeria's fuel market and beyond.


非洲 成品油

09 四月 2020

Podcast - Driving Discussions: The impact of Covid-19 on India and the wider products market

Listen to the latest podcast in the Driving Discussions series, looking at the implications of Covid-19 on India's fuel market.


亚太地区 成品油 运输

08 四月 2020

Podcast - Driving Discussions: Covid-19 and its impact on the European gasoil market

Join Harry Riley-Gould, Market Reporter, European Products Report and Nicolas Kyriakoglou, Market Reporter, Freight as they discuss the state of today's European fuels market.


欧洲 成品油 运输

02 四月 2020

Podcast - Driving Discussions: The impact of coronavirus on European fuel markets and refineries

Join Josefine Ahlström, VP, Business Development, Europe and Elliot Radley, Editor, Argus European Products as they explore the impact of coronavirus on European fuel market and refineries.


成品油 原油 北美 英语

17 三月 2020

Podcast - Driving Discussions: COVID-19 impacts on US refinery operations

The US refining industry is entering unchartered territory as it navigates impacts from the Coronavirus. How will refiners handle the virus? How will their markets be affected?


成品油 北美 原油 英语

04 三月 2020

Podcast - Driving Discussions: US Renewable Fuels Standards under Trump

Volatility has returned to America’s RIN market, with court decisions adding some unexpected shorts to a constrained marketplace.


成品油 北美 英语


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