Hablando de Mercado (Market Talks) podcast series

Hablando de Mercado (Market Talks) podcast series

Hablando de Mercado examines key trends and events shaping the global commodities landscape and their impacts in Latin America. Join Argus and external industry experts as they breakdown information on shifts in supply and demand, price trends, trade flows, and geopolitical and regulatory implications. Each episode covers a different sector, keeping you informed of the latest market developments.

Episodes are also available in English. All Argus podcast episodes are available on a variety of podcast platforms as well as the Argus Blog, where each episode can be streamed and provides a full transcript and related links.

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Hablando de Mercado (Market Talks) episodes

27 一月 2023

Hablando de Mercado: From Argentina to the world - Medanito exports to Europe increase

In addition to winning the World Cup in Qatar, Argentina will again make global news… but now in the oil market.


原油 拉丁美洲和加勒比地区 英语

14 十二月 2022

Hablando de Mercado: What were the key outcomes of COP 27 and its implications in Latin America?

The results obtained in November at COP 27 in Egypt were cautiously celebrated in Latin America. Agreements to create a loss and damage fund were seen as a victory, but efforts to set more ambitious emissions mitigation targets have failed.


拉丁美洲和加勒比地区 碳排放 电力

01 十二月 2022

Hablando de Mercado: What are the key factors impacting sulfur prices for Latin American importers?

Geopolitical factors are changing the supply of sulfur for fertilizer producers in Latin America. Firm-priced raw materials are raising production costs, but lower-cost options come with higher risks.


拉丁美洲和加勒比地区 化肥 北美

17 十一月 2022

Hablando de Mercado: What do the midterm elections mean for the Mexican energy market?

The midterm elections in the United States may not be as talked about as the presidential ones, but they have special implications for the Mexican energy market.


北美 拉丁美洲和加勒比地区 英语 电力

07 十一月 2022

Hablando de Mercado: Latin America ahead of COP 27

Latin America is one of the regions most impacted by climate change, with extreme weather events becoming increasingly frequent – but despite climate change and unstable policies and economies across several countries in the region, Latin America has shown its commitmen...


拉丁美洲和加勒比地区 全球市场 电力

21 十月 2022

Hablando de Mercado: What’s happening in the crude market in Ecuador?

As crude oil production in Ecuador stabilized and the state-owned company PetroEcuador renegotiated its oil supply contracts, more volumes of Napo and Oriente crudes were sent to the export market and increased in value following Russia’s conflict with Ukraine.


原油 拉丁美洲和加勒比地区 市场报告

04 十月 2022

Hablando de Mercado: Asphalt supply and demand dynamics in Latin America

The asphalt US Gulf coast price levels changed during the Covid-19 pandemic, affecting Latin American demand. And the Russia-Ukraine conflict worsened the scenario, reducing material availability and increasing crude and oil products prices.


拉丁美洲和加勒比地区 成品油 原油

23 九月 2022

Hablando de Mercado: Base Oils demand increases amid tight supply

In recent months, the demand for base oils in Latin America has increased as supply has been restricted in the regional and global markets. Base oil supplies were especially tight in the European and US markets as refineries run cuts and maintenance reduced production i...


拉丁美洲和加勒比地区 成品油 欧洲

12 九月 2022

Hablando de Mercado: Mercado de combustibles Mexicano

Si bien el clima de inversiones en México parece aún contener muchas trabas para la participación del sector privado por parte del gobierno de México, acciones recientes como la reapertura de dos terminales privadas de almacenamiento, y el restablecimiento de algunos pe...


成品油 原油 运输 拉丁美洲和加勒比地区


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