The Crude Report podcast series

The Crude Report podcast series

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12 一月 2023

The Crude Report: Argus introduces new Bakken monthly volume-weighted averages

Argus has introduced new month average prices for Bakken DAPL, Bakken at Patoka, and for light sweet crude at Guernsey. These new month averages reflect the volume-weighted average of all deals done during the trade month.


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09 十二月 2022

The Crude Report: China changes course on Covid

After the longest, strictest period of isolation of any country in response to the coronavirus pandemic – and following widespread protests - China is now lifting restrictions. Does this mean that Chinese oil demand will coming roaring back? And if so, when?


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08 十二月 2022

The Crude Report: Quick update on US Permian WTI market

The WTI Houston pipeline market price is directly connected to the waterborne WTI price at the US Gulf coast and international market factors. This has been highlighted as some importers diversify away from Russian crude and pipeline premiums rise.


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27 十月 2022

The Crude Report: Bakken Crude Markets - from wellhead to water

The price of light sweet Bakken crude from the fields in North Dakota to Cushing and the Gulf coast provides important signals about the US supply and demand trends for light crude, and the trade flows that will respond to those pricing signals.


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29 九月 2022

The Crude Report: Soaring trade volume for WTI at the Gulf coast - harbinger of an emerging global crude benchmark

Trade volumes for US benchmark WTI have just hit record levels of nearly 790,000 b/d at the Magellan East Houston (MEH) pricing hub at the Gulf coast.


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20 九月 2022

The Crude Report: Price caps on Russian oil exports

The G7 is planning to impose price caps on exports of Russian oil to destinations outside North America and Europe after 5 December.


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09 九月 2022

The Crude Report: Alaskan oil prices rise on Russian supply halt

Alaskan North Slope (ANS) crude assessments against Ice Brent have climbed to a record-high on stronger refinery margins at the US west coast and a halt in Russian crude imports.


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18 八月 2022

The Crude Report: US Gulf coast sweet-sour price spread

In this episode, Amanda Smith, Argus Deputy editor Americas crude, and Scott Phillips, Argus Market reporter Americas crude, will discuss the US Gulf coast sweet-sour price spread and how that’s tightened with the recent shift in US Strategic Petroleum Reserve sales to ...


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01 八月 2022

The Crude Report: Argus Brent Sour – a new crude index for Europe

The shunning of Russian Urals in Europe’s spot crude oil market has left a hole in supply, and also in price identification. To fill the gap, we have launched Argus Brent Sour – a new index that will help sellers and buyers agree price levels for heavier sourer grades.


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21 七月 2022

The Crude Report: West Africa’s changing flows

Russia’s war with Ukraine continues to have far-reaching consequences for global crude flows. Senior reporter Andy Devine joins Argus Crude editor Michael Carolan to discuss the changing customer base – and price – of west Africa’s crude production.


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13 七月 2022

The Crude Report: Next steps for Opec+

As the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues to impact oil markets, Opec+ producers are restoring the last of the production cuts agreed in 2020 in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. But with countries rich and poor struggling with rising fuel prices, the ...


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07 七月 2022

The Crude Report: US Crude Production – Outlook and pricing implications

US crude production recently surpassed 12 million b/d, a level not seen since the peak in output of 12.8 million b/d just prior to Covid in early 2020.


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30 六月 2022

The Crude Report - EU oil embargo: is it just an eastbound funnel?

Argus experts address several questions, including the recent rise in eastbound Russian crude flows amid self-sanction by some western buyers and how much of a “surprise” was the EU embargo. How easily can Russia, China, India work around insurance restrictions?


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22 六月 2022

The Crude Report: State of the benchmarks

Argus Crude editor Michael Carolan returns to the podcast to talk with James Gooder about the current state of crude benchmarking in a time of upheaval.


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