The Crude Report podcast series

The Crude Report podcast series

The Crude Report podcast series examines the critical forces impacting global crude oil markets, including discussions on price trends, supply and demand shifts, trade flows, geopolitical and regulatory developments and regional matters that can ultimately alter the global landscape.

Like all Argus podcasts, The Crude Report podcast episodes are available on the Argus Blog, where each episode can be streamed and is provided with a full transcript, along with podcast platforms Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher. To stay updated with the latest crude oil content such as podcasts, news, blogs and digital events, subscribe to our free newsletter.

The Crude Report episodes

20 一月 2021

The Crude Report: Russia’s Far East Sokol and ESPO Blend

Russia’s Sokol and ESPO Blend crude oil grades, produced in the country’s Far East, have relatively easy access to the world’s largest crude oil buyer, China.


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13 一月 2021

The Crude Report: Asian heavy demand lures Canadian railcars, US exports

Transportation arbitrage economics from Canada to the US Gulf coast began improving in the back half of 2020 as international demand for Canadian heavy crude oil grades picked up.


原油 亚太地区 北美 英语

06 一月 2021

The Crude Report: AGS locational spreads tighten

Locational WTI spreads are tightening across the US Gulf coast as new connectivity options boost total liquidity, ultimately paving the pathway for Argus AGS to succeed as a future benchmark for light sweet crude in global markets.


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30 十二月 2020

The Crude Report: Asian plant closures to weigh on light sweet grades

Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc, as three Asian refineries are on the brink of shuttering thanks to weakened refined product demand.


原油 亚太地区 中东 英语

23 十二月 2020

The Crude Report: The effects of Opec+, vaccines and piracy on WAF markets

Will a new year bring WAF markets old concerns?


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16 十二月 2020

The Crude Report: Alaskan oil demand surfaces in China

Alaskan North Slope (ANS) crude oil exports to China surfaced this year on an interim trade deal signed by Beijing and Washington and as US west coast refining slackens on Covid-19 demand destruction.


原油 北美 亚太地区 英语

09 十二月 2020

The Crude Report: CHOPS outage sends sour grades to Louisiana

The Cameron Highway Oil Pipeline System (CHOPS) has been offline since late August, when Hurricane Laura’s damage halted Texas Southern Green Canyon (SGC) deliveries and diverted medium sour flows to Louisiana.


原油 北美 英语

02 十二月 2020

The Crude Report: China’s year-end buying spree

In this episode of The Crude Report, we look at oil markets through the prism of China, where life seems to generally be back to normal, as even their energy consumption has come roaring back.


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25 十一月 2020

The Crude Report: Opec+ looks at 2021

Opec+ ministers will meet w/c 30 November to discuss next steps for their production agreement, the decisions of which will obviously have impacts on global crude oil trade flows.


原油 全球市场 英语 非洲 亚太地区 FSU 拉丁美洲和加勒比地区 中东 北美

18 十一月 2020

The Crude Report: Freight loses some Covid-19 weight

After an unprecedented rise earlier this year thanks to a surge of floating storage demand, the weight of freight – freight's share of the delivered cost – has returned to the more typical 5pc - 10pc range for US-to-China shipments.


原油 运输 北美 亚太地区 英语

11 十一月 2020

The Crude Report: Why penalize running the lights?

The six stand-alone splitters designed to refine ultra-light crude oil condensate at the US Gulf coast should have operating advantages in an environment where gasoline is king – but this theory hasn't quite panned out.


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04 十一月 2020

The Crude Report: Libyan production strikes back

After an eight-month slump in crude oil production, Libyan volumes are expected to strike back in full force.


非洲 原油 欧洲 北美 英语

28 十月 2020

The Crude Report: WAF demand revival

West African crude is seeing a demand revival from its key market in China and also, to a lesser extent, from some more unexpected sources.


原油 非洲 亚太地区 英语

21 十月 2020

The Crude Report: Mind the (small) gap between light and heavy sour prices

The price spread of light to heavy sour crude has tightened in the last several months amid changes in market dynamics on the light crudes and also on the heavy sour crude side.


原油 亚太地区 中东 拉丁美洲和加勒比地区 北美 英语

14 十月 2020

The Crude Report: Dated volumes problem returns

With annual output of key grade Forties falling to a 44-year low, the grades making up the Dated benchmark are seeing continued production declines.


原油 欧洲 英语

07 十月 2020

The Crude Report: From Canada to Asia, with a Texas layover

Record volumes of Canadian crude oil are arriving in Texas, and while some are staying onshore, a fair amount is being exported to markets such as China, India and South Korea.


原油 北美 亚太地区 英语

30 九月 2020

The Crude Report: Brazil-China trade ebbs and flows

Chinese imports of Brazilian crude hit a record 1.2mn b/d in June, as grades such as Tupi (formerly known as Lula) continue to be popular with Shandong refiners. But like many others, Brazil is also susceptible to China’s recent demand lull.


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23 九月 2020

The Crude Report - Opec: 60 years and counting

It’s been 60 years since Opec was formed by founding members Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait and Venezuela.


原油 全球市场 英语 亚太地区 欧洲 拉丁美洲和加勒比地区 中东 北美

16 九月 2020

The Crude Report: Sour price cuts provide sweet relief to refiners?

Saudi Aramco announced its official prices for October-loading crude exports last week, and this episode discusses the impact of these prices on the Asian market.


原油 亚太地区

09 九月 2020

The Crude Report: Covid-19 downturn not Canada's first rodeo

Covid-19 and its related demand destruction has challenged the Canadian oil sands sector with losses, but producers have been well-prepared for turbulence after overcoming previous challenges.


原油 北美 英语

02 九月 2020

The Crude Report: Guyana sweet on Liza

Earlier in August, the third lift of Guyana’s Liza crude was loaded from the ExxonMobil-operated Stabroek block.


原油 英语 拉丁美洲和加勒比地区

26 八月 2020

The Crude Report: Nigeria losing European market share to US

In this episode of The Crude Report, a podcast series on global oil markets, we look at the drop in Nigerian crude demand to Europe and the role of China in relieving the pressure.


原油 英语 欧洲 北美

19 八月 2020

The Crude Report: Opec+ meets again

With Opec+ slated to meet this week to discuss the state of the global crude oil industry and adjust their plans as needed, this episode of The Crude Report podcast evaluates the situation thus far.


原油 全球市场 非洲 亚太地区 欧洲 FSU 拉丁美洲和加勒比地区 中东 北美 英语

12 八月 2020

The Crude Report: Chevron gets a Noble deal

In this episode of The Crude Report, a podcast series on global oil markets, we discuss Chevron’s $13bn acquisition of Noble Energy and what we’ve heard from other US oil companies regarding future M&A.


原油 非洲 亚太地区 欧洲 FSU 全球市场 拉丁美洲和加勒比地区 中东 北美 英语

05 八月 2020

The Crude Report: Understanding China’s weak third quarter

In this episode of The Crude Report, a podcast series on global oil markets, we discuss how China’s crude oil purchasing activity has changed alongside oil prices and politics.


亚太地区 原油 中东 北美 英语

29 七月 2020

The Crude Report: Coastal lights orbit closer to Mars

Over the past few months, the discount of the sour grade Mars has narrowed considerably against sweet grade LLS.


原油 北美 英语

12 六月 2020

Chinese crude oil markets reawaken

The global oil market is looking toward China for tangible signs of a worldwide revival. Still the world’s largest oil demand center, China is seeing a healthy return of crude demand, particularly in Shandong, their main import hub.


亚太地区 原油 英语 欧洲 FSU 非洲 全球市场 拉丁美洲和加勒比地区 中东 北美

27 五月 2020

A market view of US crude exports

Although the volume of US crude exports is falling, there is still international demand for US crude, most notably in Europe, which has overtaken Asia as the largest regional buyer.


原油 北美 英语

13 五月 2020

Narrow arb blocks Canadian crude from USGC

Production cuts have supported Canadian crude prices at Edmonton and Hardisty, with the consequence of closing the arbitrage to the US Gulf coast.


原油 北美 英语

06 四月 2020

Podcast: Oh Canada – and its crude

The Alberta government’s recent announcement to partner with TC Energy on the northern part of the Keystone XL pipeline sparks a wider conversation on the current state of Canadian crude oil markets.


原油 北美 英语

22 三月 2020

Podcast – Upside down: New price relationships in the US Gulf coast crude markets

Podcast: Long-stable crude oil price relationships at the US Gulf coast have been upended by the global crude supply/demand imbalance.


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