ARGUS International LPG Forward Curves

The Argus International LPG Forward Curves service is a powerful, independent market valuation tool used to support investment and trading decisions in LPG markets across Europe, Americas and Asia.

Argus produces forward price curves that are distinct from the forward price assessments published in Argus market reports.

Participants in energy and related commodity markets need to see accurate forward prices from a source without distortion or bias. Our clients act with confidence because our forward curves are built from unbiased and transparent industry-specific methodologies that produce representative market values free from distortion.

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Join Argus’ global team of LPG experts as they explore the the latest developments in LPG fundamentals and prices in key markets, and the impact of the Ukraine conflict on LPG.
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Markets covered


Argus International LPG Forward Curves map

  • Mont Belvieu Propane LST
  • Mont Belvieu Propane Enterprise
  • Mont Belvieu Butane LST
  • Mont Belvieu Butane Enterprise
  • NW Europe Propane
  • NW Europe Butane
  • NW Europe Naphtha
  • AFEI Propane
  • AFEI Butane
  • Japan Naphtha MOPJ
  • Saudi CP Butane
  • Saudi CP Propane

Key features

  • Daily assessments providing a rolling 36-month view of monthly forward prices
  • Time-stamped using the appropriate market’s daily settlement time — Singapore, London and New York
  • Independent and transparent market-appropriate methodology
  • Delivery options — your choice of data feed, our third-party partners, FTP, API, Argus Direct, Excel Add-in or email

How clients use our data

A proven, reliable tool for analytical and risk-management processes, including:

  • Mark-to-market (MTM) validation
  • Forward curve validation
  • Value-at-risk (VaR)
  • Potential future exposure (PFE)
  • Deal valuation
  • Regression analysis
  • Scenario analysis
  • Hedging and trade decisions
  • Asset valuation

Customers that benefit

The Argus LPG Forward Curves service is essential for anyone with exposure to global LPG markets. Below are examples of market participants using this service:

  • Chief risk officers
  • Risk managers and risk analysts
  • Planning and budget analysts
  • Traders and trade analysts
  • Market analysts
  • Pricing analysts

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