ARGUS European Natural Gas

The Argus European Natural Gas service is renowned for providing a unique perspective and expert insight on the European gas markets.

This daily service features key prices and indexes for Europe’s gas trading hubs, along with information about trading activity and analysis of market dynamics. It also covers UK and Dutch spark spreads.

Markets covered

UK National Balancing Point (NBP)
Belgium Zeebrugge hub
Zeebrugge Trading Point (ZTP)
France Point d'Exchange de Gaz (Peg)
Netherlands Title Transfer Facility (TTF)
Germany Gaspool (formerly BEB) — Germany
Netconnect Germany (NCG) (formerly EGT)
Austria Virtual Trading Point (VTP) (formerly Baumgarten)
Italy Punto de Scambio Virtuale (PSV)
Czech Republic Virtual Trading Point (VTP)
Spain Punto virtual de balance (PVB) (formerly AOC)
Slovak VTP Virtual Trading Point (SK VTP)
Hungary Magyar Gazkiegyenlito Pont (MGP)

Contracts quoted

  • Day-ahead
  • Week-ahead
  • Weekend
  • Current month
  • Up to 6 months forward
  • Up to 21 quarters forward
  • Up to 11 seasons forward
  • Up to 4 calendar years forward

All assessments are based on the best bid and best offer available at end of day, timestamp 4:30pm.

Key features

  • Daily European gas prices, including UK beach prices and extensive market commentary
  • Insightful European gas news and analysis
  • European spark spreads
  • Exchange data
  • European weather forecasts
  • Market snapshots
  • Robust, transparent methodology developed in consultation with the market
  • Fundamentals charts and data delivered through the Argus FUNDALYTICS® service


Data and downloads

This service features downloadable market data published in spreadsheet format, powered by the Argus FUNDALYTICS® service and available only in the Argus Direct platform.

  • OTC and exchange trading volumes
  • Gas import volumes and price data
  • Gas demand by consumption type by country
  • Manufacturing output and gas consumption in energy-intensive industries
  • LNG deliveries to and re-exports from European terminals
  • Hammerfest and Yamal LNG exports
  • Field-level gas production data across northwest Europe
  • Dutch nitrogen usage and ballasting maintenance schedule
  • Gas storage auction characteristics and capacities sold
  • Turkish and Ukrainian gas supply-demand balances
  • Turkish balancing and regulated gas prices
  • Algerian and Egyptian annual gas supply-demand balances

Customers that benefit

The Argus European Natural Gas service is a crucial tool for those operating within the European gas market. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:

  • Gas producers, midstream distributors and traders use Argus prices as an independent reference in financial agreements for fuel or power supply.
  • Traders and risk managers use Argus prices for mark-to-market and volume-at-risk calculations, while Argus’ analysis informs their trading decisions.
  • Exploration and production firms and utilities use Argus prices and analysis to inform long-term investment and asset optimisation decisions.
  • Banks use Argus data and insights to value deals and construct sensible financial products.

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