This white paper includes analysis of:

  •  European AdBlue’s legacy pricing relationship with the Baltic fob prilled urea price
  • Impact of European gas price volatility on European urea and AdBlue producers
  • How old pricing practices left AdBlue suppliers exposed to increased costs
  • AdBlue demand is uniquely inelastic, as it is required by modern diesel vehicles to function and has no substitute
  • The need for new pricing practices and solutions
  • Introducing Argus’ new spot price assessment for the German bulk AdBlue market

Access Argus’ new German AdBlue price assessments through:

Argus AdBlue® and DEF Monitor

The Argus AdBlue® and DEF Monitor service tracks the AUS 32 (AdBlue, DEF, ARLA) markets in Europe, North America and Brazil. Argus’ new German AdBlue price assessment is published in the DEF Weekly, issued each Friday, featuring market commentary and industry news from the week.

The Monitor service includes a supplementary report with short-term intelligence on regional market dynamics on supply, demand and trade. For Europe, this includes data analysis by country (EU-27, UK and EFTA) for AdBlue demand in the current and previous year, as well as SCR fleet and diesel vehicle sales trends by segment.

Argus O.M.R. Fuels

The Argus O.M.R. Fuels service is Germany’s most robust, comprehensible basis for supply contracts – and the service now includes Argus’ new German AdBlue price assessment.

Argus O.M.R. Fuels’ based supply contracts offer price and planning security, precisely reflecting wholesale prices for heating oil, diesel and gasoline at eleven price centers in Germany. Our price assessments are used throughout the retail chain, from the refinery or storage facility to the petrol station or truck operator. The service offers essential analysis of market moving news and price developments, with key insights into the biofuels market, new legislation, changes in the flow of goods, refinery failures and megatrends.

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