ARGUS Americas Base Oils

The Argus Americas Base Oils service provides weekly US base oil spot prices, North American producer posted prices and market analysis for the Americas base oils market. It also includes price analytics information such as base oil premiums to crude, vacuum gasoil and heating oil.

Every issue offers an overview of the week’s market activity, as well as detailed base oil price assessments and analysis. The report is part of the Argus Base Oils service, a global publication that captures the full spectrum of base oils trade in the international market in a single report.

Markets covered

  • Group I domestic and export prices: SN 150, SN 500 and bright stock
  • Group II domestic and export prices: N100, N200, N220 and N600
  • Group III domestic prices: 4cst, 6cst and 8cst
  • Naphthenic base oils domestic and export prices: Pale oil 60, 100, 500 and 2000
  • Feedstocks: Nymex WTI crude front month, US Gulf coast low-sulphur vacuum gasoil 0.5pc and high-sulphur vacuum gasoil 2pc
  • Feedstock premiums: SN 500 premium to WTI and SN 500 premium to VGO 2pc
  • Oil products prices: New York Harbor heating oil barge and US Gulf coast 10ppm diesel cargo
  • Oil products premiums: Heating oil premium to WTI, heating oil premium to VGO 2pc and SN 500 premium to heating oil

Key features

  • US base oils market commentary, news and analysis with detailed coverage on Latin America
  • Weekly market spot price assessments for paraffinic and naphthenic base oils in the US Gulf coast
  • All North American producer posted prices for Group I, Group II, Group II+ and Group III base oils
  • US Gulf coast shipping freight rates, vessel enquiries and fixtures, and arbitrage opportunities
  • Up-to-date base oil plant maintenance and shutdown information
  • Key regional fundamentals data on North American base oil production, supply and demand, imports and exports
  • Transparent market-appropriate methodology

Data and downloads

This service also features downloaded market data published in spreadsheet format, available only in our Argus Direct platform.

  • US, Brazil and Mexico base oils trade statistics

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