The Argus Air Daily service provides comprehensive coverage of all key price indexes, market trades and news for environmental commodity markets in the US and Canada. Clients benefit from daily market insights into the latest developments on regulations, greenhouse gas reduction programmes, air quality and renewable credit markets, along with detailed pricing on a state and federal level.

Key features


Carbon markets covered

North American carbon markets for California, RGGI (Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative), and Canada.

Renewable fuels data

North American renewable fuel markets for US biofuel RINs (renewable identification numbers) and the California and Oregon LCFS (low-carbon fuel standard), including LCFS premiums for ethanol, biodiesel, and alternative jet-fuel.


Compulsory and voluntary certificates

REC (renewable energy certificate) compliance and voluntary markets (Green-e).


SO2 and NOX allowances

SO2 and NOX markets.


Market calendar

Regulatory and market events calendar.


Analyses and news

Corporate sustainability news, including progress tracking.

Customers that benefit

The service is an essential source of information for those involved in the emissions and environmental markets, including:

  • Utility companies

    Rely on Argus Air Daily to stay abreast of regulatory developments in compliance markets, ensuring their obligations are met and future risk is minimised. They use our prices to provide a regular, impartial assessment of the value of their portfolio.


  • Regulators

    Use Argus Air Daily to remain up-to-date on regulatory developments and gain visibility into prices in all environmental commodity markets, including the ones they manage. They use our independent price assessments to track changes and make informed decisions on their regulations and in developing new ones.


  • Traders

    trust our independent price assessments to inform their day-to-day decisions with reliable insights. Data fed directly into their back offices allows for efficient daily marking of their books. Having one source for the latest market-moving news and prices helps ensure that they are effectively mitigating risk and taking advantage of opportunities.


  • Corporate companies

    That have already committed to, or are interested in making, greenhouse gas reduction and renewable energy investments, use Argus Air Daily to stay abreast of news and other corporate developments in the market. Our voluntary and compliance price assessments and news provide them with a broader overview and understanding of the environmental commodity markets as a whole, and allows for more informed decision making.


Key price assessments

Argus prices are recognised by the market as trusted and reliable indicators of the real market value. Explore some of our most widely used and relevant price assessments.