The Argus NPKs service is your reliable and proven source of global NPKs market intelligence. The service provides independent, highly robust and relied upon reporting of prices, the latest deals, market-moving news, valuable market commentary and actionable insight.

We empower market participants to make informed business decisions through:

  • Independent, highly robust and relied upon weekly price assessments
  • Up-to-date and timely reporting on international trade, global market developments and consequent price movements
  • Insightful and actionable commentary from our NPKs market experts
  • Powerful online tools, dashboards and proprietary data

Key features

Key global weekly NPKs price assessments

Industry-leading independent and highly robust weekly NPKs price assessments

Unrivalled methodology

Argus NPKs is underpinned by the most robust, transparent and credible market-appropriate methodology, developed with the industry to ensure our price assessments are a true reflection of how the markets trade

Market-moving news and insightful commentary

Argus NPKs provides regular news, commentary and analysis from our expert teams of editors and reporters based across all the key regions in the world

Coverage of all the key NPKs grades

Argus NPKs includes coverage of 15-15-15; 15-15-15 (SOP); 15-15-15 (blend); 16-16-16; 10-26-26; 20-20-0+13S; 16-20-0+13S; 12-46-0+7S; 17-17-17 (blend)

NPK compound and blend price comparison

Each weekly summary report includes a NPK compound and blend price comparison chart covering the past 12 months

Concise near-term outlook

Forward-looking analysis including a 30 to 60-day outlook, provided every week

Customers that benefit

Argus NPKs subscribers include, but are not limited to: fertilizer producers, trading companies, importers and distributors, buying agencies, gas producers, financial institutions, logistics companies, co-operatives, government agencies and agronomists around the world. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:
  • Producers and suppliers

    Leverage Argus fertilizer for transfer pricing and to index contracts for the processing, procurement and selling of raw materials and finished products.

  • Traders

    Use our market intelligence to identify arbitrage opportunities and to negotiate and carry out deals and contracts.

  • Procurement teams

    Manage their plans and analyse past performance with our insight.

  • Industry analysts

    Create robust analysis of a firm’s competitive landscape, revenue performance and possible investment analysis.
  • Governments

    Use our price assessments for benchmarking, taxation and valuation processes.

  • Financial institutions

    Leverage our fertilizer pricing and analysis to support financing processes for agri-businesses, manufacturers and independent investment projects.

  • Wholesalers

    Sell large quantities of fertilizers to farmers and retail outlets, and depend on our price assessments and market data, including transportation and logistical information.

  • Co-ops and retailers

    Rely on our fertilizer pricing and market assessments for price negotiations in the distribution of products through domestic retail outlets.