The Argus Toluene and Xylenes service gives you a comprehensive global view of the industry, including regional dynamics and feedstock insights, in a single report.

We provide a 24-month rolling price forecast and forward-looking analysis of global toluene and xylenes supply and demand, trade flows and market dynamics. Plus, a once per year 5-year price forecast.

A PDF report is delivered to your inbox each month and you can download the Excel data file through the Argus Direct platform.

Key features


24-month rolling price forecast

Data for toluene and xylenes can be downloaded via Argus Direct platform.


5-year price forecast

Published once per year.


Energy assumptions, feedstocks and production economics

Updates on base energy costs and likely feedstock, recovery and conversion costs.


What’s changed summary

Highlighting major developments affecting price forecast updates versus prior month.

Derivatives insight

Analysis of toluene, mixed xylenes, paraxylene, orthoxylene, PTA, PET and MEG markets.


Key market sensitivities

Review of the bull/bear risks that could affect price forecasts.

Regional commentaries

Including trade flows and import/export data, freight and supply chain insights.

Access to specialists

Speak to the experts behind Argus’ forecast services.

Customers that benefit

The Argus Toluene and Xylenes Analytics service is for anyone engaged in and seeking insight into the toluene and xylenes market. Below are examples of how some clients use this service.
  • Producers and consumers of toluene and xylenes

    Use our data and market analysis for an independent view on supply, demand and market dynamics for commercial discussions, supply and operations planning and short-term commercial tactics.


  • Distributors and traders

    Use our global price data and regional market analysis to review arbitrage and trade opportunities, and to support price negotiations.
  • Banks and investors

    Use our price data to model listed companies producing, or with major spend on these products. Use our global market analysis and news to keep abreast of the likely impact of the latest market dynamics.