Inside Fertilizer Analytics: Sulphur, Nov. 2021

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In an environment where energy prices are surging and fertilizer prices are hitting record levels, sulphur is in a intriguing position, intersecting these two markets. What are the prospects for the sulphur market?

Join Meena Chauhan – Head of Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid Research and Tim Cheyne – VP, Fertilizers as they start with a look at prices, reviewing price trends in the sulphur market through 2021 as well as the short-term pricing outlook. We then focus on supply, addressing the key changes forecast for supply in 2022. We assess what impact shifting energy patterns in the medium term may have as we see examples of refineries switching to renewable fuels. We discuss how any shortfall in Europe or other markets will be met in the future. We then switch to the topic of demand, exploring the key demand drivers in the short term before taking an intriguing look at the electric vehicle market and demand for battery materials – asking the question of whether this will influence the sulphur industry or the outlook. We end with analysis of the impact of planned phosphates export restrictions on the sulphur market.

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