The Effects of the Coronavirus on Markets

The Effects of the Coronavirus on Markets

Here you can access the latest blog posts, podcasts and news as well as Argus’ assessment of how lockdowns, travel restrictions and the vaccine rollout are impacting trade flows.

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17 dezembro 2020

From the Economist's Chair: Shifting policy priorities will drive China’s 2021 commodity demand

China’s imports of key commodities, totalling 2 billion tons and covering energy, agricultural products and metals, were up by a robust 7% year-on-year (y-o-y) during January-November 2020, with iron ore, soy, meat products and crude oil the strongest performers.


Ásia-Pacífico Inglês Agricultura Carvão Petróleo Fertilizantes GLP/LGN Metais Gás natural/GNL Petroquímicos

18 novembro 2020

The Crude Report: Freight loses some Covid-19 weight

After an unprecedented rise earlier this year thanks to a surge of floating storage demand, the weight of freight – freight's share of the delivered cost – has returned to the more typical 5pc - 10pc range for US-to-China shipments.


Petróleo Frete e Transporte América do Norte Ásia-Pacífico Inglês

02 novembro 2020

From the Economist's Chair: US election fog could intensify crude’s roller coaster

Intra-day crude volatility has doubled since early-September, on renewed uncertainty over Opec+ intentions, recovering Libyan production, weakening oil demand amid resurgent Covid-19 and, not least, a fractious US Presidential and Senate election campaign, which may see...


Petróleo América do Norte Inglês

26 outubro 2020

From the Economist’s Chair: Energy outlooks offer divergent paths for oil demand

The annual autumn glut of energy outlooks shows disparate potential global oil demand levels by 2040, with Covid-19’s aftermath now augmenting energy transition pathways as a source of uncertainty.


Petróleo Global Inglês Petroquímicos Frete e Transporte África Ásia-Pacífico Europa América Latina e Caribe América do Norte

07 outubro 2020

Malaysian palm oil at a crossroads

Malaysia’s freeze on cross-border hiring in response to Covid-19 has left oil palm estates grappling with a lack of hands during their peak harvesting season, and at a potential turning point in the industry’s labour dynamics.


Bioenergia Ásia-Pacífico Inglês

01 outubro 2020

The Covid Effect: Peak US energy dominance

Covid-19 has forced a drastic reappraisal of US shale oil growth prospects, amid an economic downturn that has complicated expectations for a presidential election next month that could have even longer-term implications for oil and gas, writes Haik Gugarats.


Petróleo Derivados de petróleo América do Norte Inglês

23 setembro 2020

The Covid Effect: Saudi Arabia checks its vision

The pandemic has dealt Riyadh a triple blow just as Saudi Arabia's de facto leader was trying to steer the country in a new and different direction, writes Samira Kawar.


Petróleo Oriente Médio Inglês

23 setembro 2020

The Crude Report - Opec: 60 years and counting

It’s been 60 years since Opec was formed by founding members Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait and Venezuela.


Petróleo Global Inglês Ásia-Pacífico Europa América Latina e Caribe Oriente Médio América do Norte

22 setembro 2020

Caribbean ammonia: Why are Trinidad prices lagging the international market?

It has been a challenging year for ammonia producers, with spot prices plummeting in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak and industrial demand slashed across several key import regions.


Fertilizantes América Latina e Caribe Russo

16 setembro 2020

Pandemic delays start of some minor metals contract negotiations

This is the time of year when the autumn conference season would normally be upon us and industry participants from all over the world would be congregating to mull over the year and to envision future supply-demand plans.


Metais Global Inglês Ásia-Pacífico Europa América do Norte

16 setembro 2020

Falando de Mercado: O salto nas importações brasileiras de soja em ano de safra recorde do grão | Argus Media

Apesar da safra histórica de soja registrada no Brasil este ano, a elevada demanda durante a pandemia tem impulsionado as importações do grão a níveis recorde e ajudado a reequilibrar a balança comercial do produto.


Fertilizantes Agricultura América Latina e Caribe Inglês Português

15 setembro 2020

The Covid Effect: China’s long march to recovery

Beijing faces choices as it looks to revive the Chinese economy, including the degree to which its recovery will depend on oil, gas and coal, write Karen Teo and Tom Reed.


Ásia-Pacífico Petróleo Derivados de petróleo Carvão Gás natural/GNL Energia elétrica Inglês

26 agosto 2020

Coal imports help Turkish economy in 1H20

Turkish coal imports resisted the economic slowdown driven by Covid-19, rising on the year in the first half of 2020, as a rare move by state-owned utility Euas to support independent coal-fired power plants bolstered demand.


Carvão Europa Inglês

19 agosto 2020

Mexican oil caught between a hug and a hammer

Attacks on Mexico’s energy infrastructure have grown in recent months along with an overall increase in crime. This risks both the already troubled climate for private-sector investment and the government’s own drive to shore up state-owned Pemex.


Petróleo Derivados de petróleo América Latina e Caribe Inglês

10 agosto 2020

Covid-19 weighs on global coal burn in 1H

Coal consumption in key markets slipped during the first half of 2020 as a late recovery in China’s coal burn failed to offset weakness in the earlier periods of the year.


Carvão Ásia-Pacífico Europa Inglês

23 julho 2020

Falando de Mercado: Perspectivas para exportações brasileiras de carnes de frango e suína

As exportações brasileiras de carnes de frango e suína devem aumentar em 2020 na comparação anual, mas a pressão exercida pela pandemia no comércio internacional destes produtos terá forte peso nos embarques.


Fertilizantes América Latina e Caribe Português

08 julho 2020

Driving Discussions: How Covid-19 inverted the gasoline-naphtha spread

Welcome to the next episode in Driving Discussions, this time looking at how Covid-19 has turned the naphtha-gasoline relationship on its head.


Derivados de petróleo Frete e Transporte Inglês Europa

08 julho 2020

The Covid-19 impact on logistics in the west African fertilizer market

Welcome to the second episode of our Africa fertilizer knowledge series. In this podcast we discuss the logistical implications of Covid-19 on the west African fertilizer market supply chain.


África Fertilizantes Inglês Webinars

30 junho 2020

The Petcoke Podcast: Covid-19 impacts on Atlantic basin fuel coke demand

Welcome to The Petcoke Podcast, a new series discussing key developments for the global petroleum coke markets with expert industry participants.


Derivados de petróleo Global Europa América do Norte Inglês

30 junho 2020

Asia polymers: Chinese demand removes surplus

Low feedstock costs have incentivised producers in Asia-Pacific to maximise polymers production despite weaker demand in this year’s second quarter. Heavy plant maintenance and a demand recovery in China have allowed producers in other regions to balance the demand drop...


Petroquímicos Ásia-Pacífico Inglês

24 junho 2020

Big Oil grasps the nettle

Major oil companies are grappling with two huge problems – how to navigate their way through the demand and revenue slump triggered by the Covid-19 lockdown, and how to reposition their businesses for the longer term as the world moves towards a lower carbon future.


Petróleo Derivados de petróleo Gás natural/GNL Global Inglês Ásia-Pacífico Europa Oriente Médio América Latina e Caribe América do Norte

22 junho 2020

From the Economist’s Chair: Paint It Bleak

As summer arrives and the world emerges from lock-down, hopes are high for gradual economic and oil demand recovery. Alongside reasonable levels of Opec+ discipline, this could help place a floor under crude prices. But whisper it quietly, a bleaker scenario also exists...


Petróleo Global Inglês África Ásia-Pacífico Europa América Latina e Caribe Oriente Médio América do Norte

18 junho 2020

Digitalisation of mining to weather future storms

Mining is no stranger to digitalisation. The widely held perception of the resources industry is one of workers in mines and not one of machines running almost everything.


Metais Global Inglês Ásia-Pacífico Europa América Latina e Caribe Oriente Médio América do Norte

15 junho 2020

African Fertilizer Knowledge Series: Assessing the impact of Covid-19 on west Africa fertilizer supply and demand

Welcome to the first episode of our Africa fertilizer knowledge series. In this podcast we discuss the supply/demand dynamics in western Africa with the West African Fertilizer Association.


Fertilizantes África

10 junho 2020

Driving Discussions: Road to recovery (part 1)

The latest episode in our Driving Discussions series looks at signs of recovery we might expect over the coming weeks and months as countries re-evaluate lockdown policies.


Inglês Derivados de petróleo

03 junho 2020

Covid-19 sows uncertainty for fertilizer demand

Fertilizer could be the next commodity to fall victim to the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, as the slump in demand for fuel — and biofuels — trickles down to the US corn crops used to produce ethanol.


Fertilizantes América do Norte Inglês

02 junho 2020

Over 2mn t — the new China sulphur inventory norm?

China is unique when it comes to sulphur storage, as the key ports of Fangcheng, Beihai and Zhanjiang in the south of the country and the north China ports of Tangshan, Weifang, Zhenjiang and Nanjing have the capacity to hold in excess of 3mn t of sulphur.


Fertilizantes Ásia-Pacífico Inglês

01 junho 2020

Sizing up Covid-19 iron ore supply risks

The centre of the Covid-19 pandemic is shifting from Europe and the US to countries like India and Brazil, two of the four largest iron ore exporters in the world. Iron ore prices are rising as the focus moves to saving lives.


Metais Global Inglês Ásia-Pacífico Europa América Latina e Caribe América do Norte

27 maio 2020

Bitumen no longer bottom

There have been few positives for refiners during the Covid-19 pandemic, but the strength of bitumen has offered some solace.


Derivados de petróleo Europa Inglês

26 maio 2020

Crude and jet fuel markets on the runway for price recovery

It may seem remote right now, but despite the recent unparalleled loss of global oil demand, economic forces will sooner or later conspire to rebalance the market as demand recovery takes hold and crude production in high-cost regions falls.


Derivados de petróleo Petróleo Global África Ásia-Pacífico Europa Antiga União Soviética América Latina e Caribe Oriente Médio América do Norte Inglês

26 maio 2020

Covid-19 highlights unlocked potential of demand-side CO2 cuts

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a disastrous impact on the lives and well-being of citizens across the world. Major economies have been temporarily shut down, while freedom of movement has virtually ground to a halt.


Emissões Europa Inglês

26 maio 2020

Impact of IMO 2020 and Covid-19 on heavy products

Find out how the heavy products have reacted to the compound effect of IMO 2020 and Covid-19 in this latest Argus update.


Global Derivados de petróleo

18 maio 2020

Driving Discussions: Balancing Russia's gasoline market in volatile times

Listen in to the latest Driving Discussions podcast, this time spotlighting the state of Russia's gasoline market in the midst of the global Covid-19 pandemic.


Antiga União Soviética Derivados de petróleo Frete e Transporte

18 maio 2020

Covid-19 — questions from the sulphur market on the sulphur market

Listen in as Claira Lloyd answers questions from her most recent webinar on Covid-19's impact on the global sulphur market.


Global Fertilizantes

14 maio 2020

A perfect storm for GCC steelmakers

The Covid-19 pandemic, combined with the timing of the oil price collapse, could have created one of the most hostile steel markets for the GCC region ever.


Metais Oriente Médio Inglês

14 maio 2020

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Asian bitumen markets | Episode 2

The impact of Covid-19 has been felt significantly in Asian bitumen markets in Asia. As countries shut borders and enforced lockdowns, road construction activity slowed and then completely halted.


Derivados de petróleo Ásia-Pacífico Inglês

14 maio 2020

French nuclear crisis: Will history repeat itself?

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted most aspects of life, and French power plant maintenance schedules are no exception. Could the French power market be about to experience its most challenging winter since 2016-17?


Energia elétrica Europa Inglês

13 maio 2020

Driving Discussions: The Impact of Covid-19 on European fuel markets and refineries (part 2)

The Driving Discussions series returns to Europe to examine the changes in Covid-19's impact on refineries with a special focus on utilisation rates.


Europa Inglês Derivados de petróleo

05 maio 2020

Covid-19 crushes global power demand and coal consumption in April

Global coal demand was dealt a significant blow in April, as restrictions in many countries to curb the spread of Covid-19 slashed power demand and weighed heavily on industrial output.


Carvão Ásia-Pacífico Europa Inglês

29 abril 2020

Podcast - Driving Discussions: The impact of Covid-19 on European biofuels markets and HVO

Join the latest Driving Discussions podcast for coverage of the European HVO and biofuel markets amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.


Inglês Europa Bioenergia Derivados de petróleo

23 abril 2020

Podcast - Falando de Mercado: Os impactos do coronavírus no mercado brasileiro de combustíveis

As medidas de combate ao contágio por coronavírus têm provocado um forte impacto na demanda por petróleo e derivados ao redor do mundo. Qual o tamanho da queda na demanda e como isso se reflete na comercialização de combustíveis no Brasil?


Derivados de petróleo América Latina e Caribe América do Norte Português

22 abril 2020

Podcast: The impact of Covid-19 on European bitumen

Coronavirus has affected commodity markets across the globe, and bitumen is no exception. Tune in to this latest podcast to learn how the pandemic has impacted bitumen markets in Europe and Africa.


África Inglês Europa Derivados de petróleo

22 abril 2020

Podcast - Driving Discussions: The surprising RINs market during Covid-19

While all other energy commodities markets around the world have seen a severe dip in prices, RINs prices in the US are steady. What is causing the RINs market in the US to react this way and what is the outlook?


Derivados de petróleo América do Norte Inglês

21 abril 2020

South African coal industry faces up to 14-year low prices

After trading at nearly $100/t over the winter, South African high calorific value (CV) coal prices fell to a 14-year low this week amid subdued demand caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Carvão Global Inglês África Ásia-Pacífico América Latina e Caribe América do Norte

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