As more global carbon reduction mandates come online, airlines will look to fulfil their environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) requirements with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

With any possible electrification option decades away, SAF is the only solution at this time for airlines to fly more sustainably. It is key that airlines and those in the aviation industry have visibility into the value of the fuel and its feedstocks.

Argus SAF price assessments provide that visibility. Our methodology, using real market transactions and bids/offers, results in prices that accurately reflect the specific supply/demand dynamics of this low carbon renewable fuel.

Why does Argus care about SAF?


Excited about an emerging market, crucial for decarbonising aviation.


Critical for pricing that allows the market to clear/ trade based on SAF’s own specific supply / demand fundamentals.

Key prices

We publish daily pricing of European SAF incl. Asian SAF netbacks and US SAF. Closely following the physical SAF market every day.

Market intelligence

Argus reporters speak every day to airlines, suppliers and producers.

Argus Open Markets® for European SAF

The first real-time spot pricing platform for SAF is taking off! Trades occurring daily for SAF fob ARA on Argus Open Markets®.

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