Argus Data Science Studio

Argus Data Science Studio

Argus Data Science Studio

The Argus Data Science Studio is a powerful new modelling tool designed to support your analytics, trading, hedging and risk management decisions. Using new machine learning technology for probabilistic forecasting and location-based trading data, the studio integrates physical and financial commodity prices. The machine learning models that power the studio are inherently explainable and fully customisable, enabling you to unearth unique solutions and greater insights faster.

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Volatility in commodity prices creates opportunities, along with risks

If you are involved in building commodity trading or hedging strategies, then understanding the direction of prices is crucial to your success. Whether you are a quant strategist, data scientist or a trader, forecasting prices is the goal. But this is impossible to do with any degree of accuracy. So financial institutions, trading houses and physical buyers and sellers around the world are using the Argus Data Science Studio to reveal the uncertainties and volatility associated with the commodity prices they depend upon.

How can the Argus Data Science Studio help you?

  • Identify market risks that you were previously unaware of.
  • Build a more complete view by incorporating market fundamentals and pricing insight into your decision-making.  
  • Gain key insights on possible future energy prices and estimate volatility and the balance of risk.  
  • By having more robust capabilities for scenario analysis and stress testing your portfolios, you can better handle extreme market events that are occurring more frequently in the current economic environment. 
  • Generate new trading ideas through the directional and volatility signals produced. 
  • We offer a flexible platform for developing and expanding your data science capabilities, that would otherwise cost you millions of dollars and many years to develop internally.

The Argus Data Science Studio is based on three key pillars

  • Scenario analysis

    Test your own or historic scenarios to understand what might happen to the forecast under different assumptions, to help you build the most robust trading and hedging strategies.
  • Custom machine learning models

    Incorporate your own market expertise and intuition by adjusting the model structure, such as the relationship type between drivers and the model, what kind of distribution is used, and any external constraints that are unique to your business. Your view of the market is independent to you, so your models need to reflect this.
  • Use of client owned data

    Add your own data to the model, alongside any proprietary Argus data. Any datasets, from any sources, can be added to the studio, to create a custom-made model unique to your business.

Argus Datasets available on the Studio

Argus Forward Curves

Support investment and trading decisions with powerful, independent market valuation data for energy and commodity markets across the globe.

Argus Possibility Curves

View the possibility intervals in which oil prices will fall, within a certain probability. See the Degree of uncertainty and market variability. Understand balance of risks: quantification of upside vs downside risk. Identify the key market drivers impacting the forecast and their importance.

A pioneering platform, built by industry experts

Argus’ industry-leading team of data scientists are dedicated to delivering a tool that meets your needs when searching for hidden insights. With a heritage stretching back more than 50 years, Argus is the only commodity information provider with the expertise, proprietary data and market credibility to offer sophisticated data science capabilities. The thoroughness, quality assurance and robust processes that are required to build and maintain a data science tool of this kind are unrivalled.

The unique combination of customisation and data assimilation, make the Argus Data Science Studio the perfect tool to support your business. Our model is entirely transparent, enabling you to get hands on and set it up in line with your own views and opinions. Our is goal to help you to find the answers to the questions that matter most to your business.


Vlasios Voudouris


"We have built the Studio to make it easier and faster to use data science for commodity insights, while still maintaining expert levels of accuracy, speed, and transparency"



  Vlasios Voudouris Chief Data Officer


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